How to Apply/Register for Trader Moni 2022/2023 FG Loan Scheme

How to apply for FG Trader moni loan scheme 2022/2023: This post is to give you a detail step on how to apply/register for the federal government loan scheme called “Trader Moni”  FG Trader Moni Scheme 2021/2022. Register Now

The Trader Moni is designed to help petty traders expand their trade through the provision of collateral free loans of N10,000.

MarketMoni loan Application Scheme

The Trader Moni was launched last Tuesday in five markets in Lagos State recording thousands of beneficiaries already. Trader Moni was launched in partnership with the Bank of Industry (BoI) in order to enlarge government’s “financial inclusion agenda down to the grassroots, the bottom of the ladder, considering the contribution of petty traders to economic development.

Under the scheme, beneficiaries can get access to a higher facility ranging from N15,000 to N50,000 when they repay N10,000 within the stipulated time period (6 months).

Requirements for the MarketMoni/Trader Moni FG Loan Scheme 2022/2023

  • You must be a Nigerian
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a business owner or a trader
  • You must belong to a market cooperative union in your location
  • You must have a valid identification
  • You must have a valid BVN
  • You must have a valid SIM/phone number that is register with the service providers

How to register for the 2022/2023 Federal Government Scheme Trader Moni

The online loan application portal has been created for the convenience of BOI’s prospective SME customers in the sense that they do not initially have to come physically to the Bank to submit their loan applications. It also has the advantage of shortening the loan processing Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of the Bank. The portal has document uploading capability as well as allows the loan applicant select the preferred BOI State Office location where the application will be processed. The online loan application portal can be accessed on the Bank’s website:

How to use the Portal

  • Go to our website:
  • Click on the “Apply for loan now”
  • Click on “Register here” to register your account.
  • A verification link and tracking code are sent to your registered email address; click on the verification link to facilitate log in.
  • Once logged in, you can complete the application form, save and click on “continue” to submit the form.
  • A mail will be sent to your email address confirming receipt of the application.

Important Notice

  • The first amount to receive will be the sum of N10,000. Once this can be repaid, you will be granted access to receive N15,000 in your next application, etc.
  • So wait for the turn of your state and find out more from your market cooperative unions or visit the Bank of industry website
  • The loans are repayable within a period of six months.

Closing Date for Trader Moni

Not closing date slated yet


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How to register for the 2021/2022 Federal Government Scheme Trader Moni

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  1. Is the application accessible online? If yes, how can I apply? Specify the address that will take me direct to the trader moni application platform please. Thank you.

  2. lam very much greatifull if you give or browing that engneer apart from mechanic and electrin engeering for industries

  3. They brought this scheme to Osun state and im one of the beneficiaries, Days after the registration, I received a confirmation message as follows:

    Dear OLALEKAN,
    Good news!
    Federal Government don approve your 10,000 Naira TraderMoni LOAN. Dem go soon send Eyowo alert enter you phone.

    To collect this money please dial:

    Follow the instruction well well.

    Or you fit go meet Eyowo agents for any of these markets (10am-4pm):
    Oja Tun Tun Odo Ogbe Ife

    Ejigbo Market, Ejigbo
    Oja Timi, Ede
    Oja Olufi, Gbogan

    Atakumosa Market, Ilesa
    Total, Ikire

    REMEMBER: This loan fit reach N100,000. Pay back this first N10,000 in 3 to 6 months, dial again collect N15,000; after, that, na N20,000; then N50,000; then N100,000!

    I tried using the method to transfer the money into my account but the system keeps failing, and till now I haven’t get the fund.

    The question now is, how can I get this fund? This also applicable to the group of people we registered together at the same point of time.


    • For those of you are are complaining of getting the funds after getting the confirmation message.
      go back to the agent who did the registration for you, he is the one to provide the money to you.

  4. I could not get my 10000. How will I do? I transfered the money to my bank account and I did not get pin, no alert. If I checked my mobile money balanced they said my balance is zero. Pls help me!

  5. I was captured seven weeks ago but I still don’t get any text, The people we did together have all gotten their own please help me out

  6. My name is Abdulsalam ibrahim from zamfara state, I’m the that write their no capture, please how will you.
    The second problem the people that removed the money on their accounts but the money that not come in the main account while.

  7. I have my business plan with o,I,c in entrepreneur ships development in poultry farm since 2011 with my certificate of attended.

  8. My name is Mustapha Mayeloye Khadijat I apply for the trader mini since September I have not see anything, they asked us to come on 18/ 10/ 2018 for the moni on reaching there after attending to few people only to tell us that some people have collected another person moni , and tell to come another time, please help us retrieve our moni .May God help you Amin.

  9. Please I want ur assist, am from yola u people send money to my account but the money is bounce back to u
    The account number is-1106369232 account name is -habu mohammed.diamond bank
    The money was reversed to u.
    Please ur help, I report to the bank then they were saying that Im not be able to transfer to OR receive any transaction to different accounts accept to my destination
    D destination is diamond beta account.

  10. Hello i’m umar adam i applied for a trader moni since two month ago but not yet recieve my alert please help me with the number i dial to make it succesful?

  11. i am really interested in this loan , i dont no how i can see the agent in benin?my wife really need this loan to move her small business uoward

  12. Please I registered for trader money but I’ve forgotten the pin I used when I registered it. I just got a message but I was asked to reset my pin please how do I go about it?

  13. I registered but the number I used has been damage and I had another number how can I see my own code?

  14. I couldn’t see any message because the sim card I used to register has been damaged
    Can I put my alternative number to receive the message?

  15. Please must I be a member of market association what me that am selling in a shop in front of my house and not in general market how can I apply.

  16. Pls what takes u so long trader moni? here in zamfara we have not recieved ur response…..! Pls do same thing here.

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