Npower News 2017: Applicants Who Registered Before 15 June are to Re-Apply Again


We have been receiving several massages concerning the 2017/2018 Npower registration about the differences in Unique Reference Number or Application Unique Code once you submit your N-Power Online Application.


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If you have experience such or have a person who have such a problem, or you have been told that you were scammed, or you are still confused of the two separate Npower application reference codes that is in your possession, this article is for you. Please carefully go through this article to find some solutions to the why you have to re-register again.

If you are among the Npower applicants that registered from 13 – 14 June 2017, YOU MUST REAPPLY! to be among the applicants to be shortlisted .

This notice is for ONLY those who applicants that applied on 13 and 14 June, 2017should reapply AS THE UNIQUE REFERENCE NUMBER FOR THOSE APPLICANTS WHERE CHANGED.

According to the N-power recruitment team with the technical team, “you can access the new N-Power Application Forms on  as the portal was updated from large amount of information to be filled by the applicants to  a single page and it longer require uploading of  passport or any uploading of any documents  requirement to take assessment.

Any applicant who applied on should reapply using


To know if you are among those that will reapply for the Npower registration 2017

  1. Your reference code will look like NPWR/*********, which was the first reference code of those that registered from 13 – 14 June, 2017.
  2. You will receive an SMS from Npower. the SMS to reapply for the Npower Registration 2017 sample is “Thank you for your interest in the 2017 n-power programme , However , your application has not been properly processed ,We kindly request that you visit and re-apply before July 13th 2017″.

THE FORMAT FOR THE NEW NPOWER REGISTRATION IS N-Teach or Agro or Health or Tax-2017-*************-** AS SHOWN BELOW



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  1. I register with my full details as it was on my bvn during registration but i can’t access the site again for me test assessment the site was responding invaild bvn number and phone number

  2. I just recieve the SMS yesterday afternoon and on login to do the text, it only ask for device verification. Nothing else? Please what do I do next?

  3. i register on the 13th of june and i was asked to re-register but now that they said i av already be registered on npower platform

  4. I registered on 14th of June and I re-registered again yesterday but no number was given to me and I was told that I have already been registered. What do I do?
    Pls, help me.

  5. Yesterday being 6th July I received an SMS from npower saying DAT I am qualified bcos my Bvm match the name I applied with and DAT I should login with my phone number nd Bvm but the problem is I tried to login but it keep showing login error nd its N tax pls what can I do abt it

  6. Hi,I registered on 16/6/17 and it was successful… Am yet to receive a msg for the assessment test… Pls what do I do….am very worried.. Thanks

  7. Please haswhy has did people who applied for Npower health nationwide not received sms for test scheduled for 4th to 6th july2017. What happened

  8. I don’t understand wat u mean by reference code bn successfully submited n wats d reference code all about plz

    • If your application was successfully submitted and you did not copy you reference code it ok. There is nothing wrong with your application

  9. Pls i apply for npower haelth and did not see sms for my assessment test what can i do.

  10. Pls i need help.i applied npower with a different phone number other than the phone number that i opened account.will it cause problem?

  11. I registered and it was successful, to my greatest surprise my unique reference number was not as the othe applicant it was like this, 2017-0000-40. Please I need explanation to this please

  12. Good Morning, Mr Admin I saved my unique reference number on my desktop, coming to get access to print it is giving me another Information, please sir what is the solution.

  13. Please help! i lost my npower teach unique reference number due to power failure and i have gone through my browser history but i cannot find the page again. i registered on Tuesday 11th July, 2017

    What should i do please?

  14. HI sir, I did not receive text but I login my account and wrote the text. pls will it be accepted because I didn’t receive test.

  15. sir/ ma, i do not understand the meaning of two attempt on the test.because i wrote and submitted 2x

  16. sir /ma, and please, also that question no.1 during my application i filled BSC ed but no answer is related to first degree in the question 1.

  17. You cannot use your reference code to check your status. Hope you have the correct reference code if NO please apply again and for the N-Agro test date check our latest update on the test date

  18. Please how many questions are there in the assessment for a candidate. A friend said she saw only eleven. Thanks

  19. please I register NPOWER teach but as I was writing my rf code d system went off I got only 00000. since then am trying to get it back but I couldn’t. pls how will I get it.

  20. Pls help! Since I applied for npower, I’ve not been able to access my dashboard bcos am always told that my bvn and phone number is invalid whereas I registered successfully, pls what do I do??
    Secondly, I want to change location, I don’t like the region I applied to work in. Pls can I reapply??
    Pls I need your help, thanks

  21. pls sir on 14/June and is today that i Saw the notice that we should re-register why application website has been closed, what are mine going to do?

  22. I apply ariund 14/6/17
    I have tried to login for nteach test.
    I don’t know we have to reapply.
    My ref is NPWR/552D3743

    Please what can I do

  23. Gud eveni pls i login tru my bvn and my phone nø 2 select my device bt am unable to select pls wot am i going to do as a new applicant 2017/2018

  24. please I apply late and I haven’t received a text from them yet,and they have started writing the AGRO text, & when I try logging in with my BVN number and my PHONE NUMBER it didn’t go through, pls what do I do

  25. Please i applied for N.agro, there didnt send me any text. i have assessed their portal but there said that my Phone number and BVN is invalid

    • It might be as a result of the date you registered for the programme. If you registered in July, you will be the last to write after the N-Teach now but if you registered in June, keep trying or your BVN did not match your record

  26. i register for npower teach and i recieve i message to reapply which i did but i was told that i have already register. what will happen please

  27. gud day sir.i register for n-teach but i log in for de responded invalid there any problem?

  28. gud day sir,i register for n-teach but i login for de test with my bvn and phone no it responded invalid there problem?

  29. Dear Sir/Ma
    I successfully registered for N-Teach from a registration center but not without errors. After the registration my reference got displaced and just only noticing today after I logged on into my account to see AKOKO North-East instead of OWO, ONDO State. Please is there anything you can do to help? Thanks

  30. Comment *my problem is that I entered my BVN an phone number but is showing BVN validation since Wednesday up to date wat should I do

  31. Pls, i registered for Npower teach, i wnt to write my test bt the problem is that i dnt knw my grade because i have not done my clearance. What do i do plz?

  32. Comment *I have been registered N power and I done my test successfully but the only one problem is, I have lost my reference number so that sir how can get it in easier way?

  33. Comment *I have been registered N power and I done my test successfully but the only one problem is, I have lost my reference number so that sir how can get it in easier way?…

  34. I registered for N health nd hv written d problem now is dat i saw only 11questions which i answered bt now am told it is suppose to be 31questions.

  35. Please, I registered for N-health 19th of July but haven’t written the test. Didn’t know the test started the next day. What do I do?

  36. Please, I applied for N-health but missed the test because I was waiting for sms confirmation. I didn’t even know the test had started. What do I do?

      • We promise to notify you Kayode Victoria as soon as the list is fully published out. Please Subscribe to our blog for free with your email address to receive instant notification on Npower updates and other current and latest job opportunities. Like our facebook fan page and share to friends to do same.
        Note- If you have any other question don’t hesitate to ask.

  37. Pls sir, I Registered with my full correct details but I try logging in last week for N-Teach Test and the repply was BVN ongoing verification that I should check back later so I logged in today again to check back and the message is Invalid BVN number. Please what will I do

  38. When I was registering on the portal, I used my only two names I used in my BVN buh as i proceeded in the filling of the form, i discovered that there was asterik on the space for middle name, I had to write there, none and clicked on submit. When the accepted it, it shown eg: Dear Mercy none your application has been accepted. I was afraid. I immediately, went back again and used my middle name which was not in MY BVN registration not knowing that it was said, it should be the same name with one’s BVN registration. I registered since June 20th and have not gotten any sms to write test. What do i do Pls. help me. Tnx a lot

  39. Woooowww!! That was exactly what I did Sir. I logged in 3 hours ago and wrote the test. Tnx to God and thank you too

  40. But it still came up with my incomplete name as i log in with my BVN and phone no, eg: “Mercy None” which was generated by their system. Because I didnt add my middle name, hence it was advised to only use BVN, I had to write my first name, last name and on the space for middle name, I typed none. They should have used my two names i provided naa instead of using my midddle as “none”. Sir, with this “none” they used ass my name, how will it affect me during clarification after the whole test? Tnx bunch

  41. Comment *good day sir, I wrote my test under Agro which I registered, but I haven’t received any SMS. I hope there is no problem with that?

  42. Goodday sir, I wrote the n teach test but I want to know when the physical verification will be thanks

  43. Good day sir, Pls is there any room for me to re-write my test even after submission? if incase I feel there are things I needed to write well or be sure of, since I have up to 31st of this month (NTEACH). Tnx a lot sir. Looking forward for your response

    • Good day sir, pls i received a message yesterday that i should click link to Npower validation registration. I fill the form but i found it difficult to register. Help me out sir.

  44. Good afternoon Sir/Ma. With due respect, I,
    over unable to login for the
    examination. The disparity in the name i used
    to registered and that of my BVN was caused by cybercafe
    registration centre by mistakenly
    put SALOME as my first name instead of
    ADEOLA. Kindly assist me to be able to login for the Examination. Thanks God
    bless you.

    • Sorry Ikhayere Jane, the Npower assessment test has ended which means your 2017 Npower journey ha other job openings which you can apply for. We advise you regularly visit this site for more updates on current job openings. Also, subscribe to our blog for free with your email address to receive instant notifications and do not forget to share to other

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