How to Process NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II)

NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II) Procedures: Did you miss your NYSC service, have you been posted or deployed to service but you did not show up in camp?  Do you want to revalidate your NYSC service?

Do you need easy and clear steps on how to process your NYSC revalidation or remobilization? Then is post titled NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization process/procedure is for you.

If you missed your NYSC service for one reason or the other, and wish to go to service again, you still have the opportunity. What you need to do is either, “NYSC Revalidation” or “NYSC Remobilization“.

To all Prospective Corp’s members who have been deployed NYSC camp in this batch but did not show up in camp, don’t panic, you have not lost the chance of serving, your serving slot is still with you. Ensure you read to the end.

Remobilization NYSC Members: If you have paid for the online registration during the previous Mobilization process but were not mobilized, you will make another payment to be remobilized.

What is the meaning of NYSC Revalidation and why Revalidation

Registration for revalidation is required for NYSC corps members that have been deployed for NYSC Camping/service in this batch but did not show up in the camp due to some issue.

How to do NYSC Revalidation

  • Visit  Click on revalidation login with the credentials you used for the registration on the NYSC portal in the previous batch.
  • Automatic revalidation will be done for you, since you were deployed before but did not show up in camp. Note, you might be asked to make another payment and choose another state of deployment.
  • Then click SUBMIT and print out your slip

How to Process Your NYSC Remobilization

Registration for Remobilization is required for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but, decamped from service

  • Visit
  • Click on “Remobilization” to start your registration.
  • Note you might be required to make another payment.
  • Submit your registration and print out your slip.


How to Process NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II)-

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  1. hello I have clicked on revalidation but I was instructed to login and im still seeing print out your callup letter which is still showing up although on the portal it showed automatic redeployment will be done for those that didn’t go to camp. please i’m really confused here.

    • So wait for a while you will be redeployed to another state during the posting of Batch C stream 2 applicantst

  2. Admin
    Kindly help me with the link for revalidation as I was unable to resume for batch C stream 1, tried using the link above but couldn’t find any relating to revalidation.
    Please help me out

    • The link on how to proceed your revalidation is correct. When click it check the url you will see at the end reval

  3. Pls I was deployed to sokoto last two weeks but was unable to go due to SOR delay in my school will I still be given Sokoto in my next revalidation process or will I have the choice to choose other States

  4. Good evening,
    Please I was in camp October but due to some issues I didn’t report to my ppa. I tried remobilization buy it was telling me am ineligible.

  5. Good Morning,
    Please is it possible for my revalidation process be accepted in the same of NYSC but different stream

  6. Good afternoon Adm
    I was posted to Gombe for my posting but was unable to go because of some reason
    Is it possible I revalidate for this next batch C and it’s possible they changed my state if I revalidate for the next batch

  7. please am a foreign student i have Gce 4 credit 2014 and neco 2018 and i graduated 2019 can i combine both and upload on my nysc dashboard and will it affect me

  8. Please is it possible for someone that didn’t resume to camp for batch c stream 1 to revalidate for stream 2 or it the next batch which is A

  9. I was unable to go to camp with batch c because my school is trying to retify how they miss up my name. Can I go with batch A next year

  10. Good morning adm, is it possible for me to go to camp next stream? I was unable to go to camp for Batch C stream I. And when is the best time to apply for revalidation?

  11. Goodmorning admin, my friend mistakenly click on remobilization instead of revalidation. What do you advise her to do.

  12. Please I’m told to go to Abuja for verification but the due to financial powers I can’t for this batch… and this is batch C stream 2 can I still be able to go for service next year with the next batch

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