Npower Bank Account and BVN Verification/Update for batch C Stream 2 Beneficiaries 2024 has began

Npower Bank Account verification/update 2023 has began (npower latest news today) The Npower (NASIMS) management has notified all Batch C beneficiaries to validate and update their bank account number as soon as possible to receive their npower monthly payment.

Many applicants of the npower were not paid because of not updating their account details or update the account details with wrong and inconsistent information.

“We observed that your account details on your profile were not validated. This has made it impossible for your account to be credited”

So if you don’t want to face any challenges during stipend payment, make sure you update your nasims portal with your bvn and account details respectively.

Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid | NASIMS Payroll 2023/2024

You should validate your account by verifying the account information on your Npower Nasims portal and update your bank details tab with your account details that match the name used during registration and on your BVN.

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How to Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid: The NPower Batch C Stream 1 or 2 Schemes has commenced mass payment of 30,000 or 10,000 Naira to Beneficiaries on the NASIMS Payroll Portal for the  npower Monthly stipends 2023/2024

Why Should I update my Bank Account Details on NPower/NASIMS Payroll Portal 2023/2024

The importance of an npower beneficiary to update his/her account details is to be paid their salary during disbursement of funds and not to encounter payment issues (I have not been paid my npower monthly stipend)

Why have I not been paid or received my Npower monthly Salary/stipend

Many have been asking this questions why is it that when others get their payment at the end of the month, there will not get they own. Have you ever asked yourself such a question?

The answers are just simple, you have not updated or verified your bank account details and your BVN on portal


How to Re-update NPower Profile and add your Bank Account.

We have come to understand that many of you are still yet to collect your nPower Job salaries and believing that your account information, name or information about you needed to be updated as fast as possible in order to get paid as simple as that can be, ensure you update your account details.


How To Update Bank Account Details and BVN on Npower Profile for Batch C Stream 2 – or

Note only those who have completed their Npower physical verification can update their bvn and account details.

The steps below will guide you on how to validate your Bank Account and BVN on the Nasims portal.

  1. Login to
  2. Input your username and password
  3. Navigate to the DEPLOYMENT tab and
  4. Click and verify your Bank Account
  5. Input your BVN and ACCOUNT DETAILS correctly
  6. Click UPDATE
  7. Then wait for the next step (PPA)

Good News after completing the above steps: We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details

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