1. i did not receive any message from n-power in my email. about my reference number please how can i get it?

    • Try and go to the browser you during the registration, click on history and go to the date which you register and search for the link and click it. That’s another solution. I don’t advice you to register again. Also try sending them a mail ( APPLY2017@NPOWER.GOV.NG
      ) or call call (09060000445, 09055555960, 09099998401)

  2. Please dear admin I was earlier informed by some ex corp members in a group chat after applying that I have been scammed by fraudsters, that the format of my reference number is not the correct format used by the true N-power officials and that my BVN have been given away to fraudulent individuals.
    Through out today I have been very disturbed but while exploring the Web this evening I saw this article and followed the link posted here for proper registration and it led me to the same page I got my reference number from and that alone gave me some rest of mind. Please I want to know if it’s true that any reference number that takes this format is incorrect :2017-000001678890-65
    And that the original unique ref no is as follows: NPWR/FO9B9AF.

    Please put my mind at ease with a reply which I will be indeed very grateful for and looking forward to.
    Thanks as I anticipate your response.

    • 2017-000001678890-65 format is correct. The Npower site was update a day after the commencement (13/06/2017) from the 1st Unique code: NPWR/FO9B9AF because the registration process was much and stressful to to the new one now which is in 2017-000001678890-65 format. So you have nothing to worry, you are on the right portal. Keep your reference code very well…

      • Thanks much I appreciate your fast response. I’m yet to receive any mail from the N-power team yet, is that something to worry about?

      • reference to the above response, having completed , submitted and successful, is there any other page to complete as per the registration form…………And can I still login ? because o have been trying to login, no access or perhaps I dint get it, do I hav to space the ref. no?

  3. Please i have not recieved any message from Npower via my mail.. what should i do, or how would i know i have be shortlisted. Thanks

  4. plz I recieved a message informing that — dear applicant, your bvn records, match your application. proceed to N-Power website to write your N-Tax assessment test. use ur phone number n bvn to log in, so my question how can I log in through it I only saw n,teach n,agro and n health but havent see n tax yet

  5. I’ve similar ordeal too I wasn’t mailed to confirm my registration was successful all I did was just to save the unique code.

    NOW I’ve messaged them to help me confirm if I’m on the track.

    AND admin pls when is n teach exam coming up?

  6. pls admin I got my unique code but dint print d form out is there any problem on that::; and pls wen is d agro exam??

  7. I’ve not been able to login to my npower account. I’ve been trying for days now. I tried sending an email to complain but they kept sending me an expired link. Please can you help me? Plus I’ve not received any text or email from npower.

    • Are you trying to login as a beneficial or applicant if beneficial use your phone number and surname if applicant it show error that means you BVN does not match your details

  8. i can’t access my email anymore.. is there a way i can i change the email? Also when will the examination for n-Agro come up?

  9. Please I lost my registration and I was not sent a msg VIa email.please how can I get my registration number back.

  10. Please I tried to log in to the n-teach test website with my phone number and bvn, but i am getting ‘Invalid login’. What do I do? Is it that I have not been selected? Where do I check if I have been shortlisted for the test?

  11. Am unable to login for the Registration, it’s always telling me invalid login, I tried to login with my phone number and bvn

  12. Thanks much I appreciate your fast response. I’m yet to receive any mail from the N-power team yet, is that something to worry about, moreso I’m yet to print my form and lost my reference number as well how can I regain them back?

  13. i applied for tech and i”ve been trying to login but all i get it invalid login please what can i do

  14. i mistakely register with incorrect BVN that was given to me from my bank please what is the solution to it.

  15. Good morning, are we still going to be notify via SMS when we are to do the test because since the registration we have not receive any message (Npower teach) and successfully register with unique number thank while waiting for your reply

  16. Pls i have been able to write the test (tax) but i can’t login again (it’s telling me invalid username/password ) to know if I’ve been shortlisted or anything.

  17. bvn validation ongoing, try later was d response I received wen I log in. wat is my chance cos my bvn name is veri correct

  18. please assist I wasn’t sent SMS as to notify me for the test commencement now I try login with BVN and PHONE which am so sure of .valid severally time it really bothering me but my references number is intact. tell now I’ve not still been able to write the test please help
    I registered for TAX …..

  19. please have been unable to login to view the list of shortlisted candidates….
    it keeps bringing incorrect password,
    how do I rectify this please?
    have tried clicking on forgotten password but no option is coming forth
    Thanks in anticipation for your help.

    • Provision will be made available, Please exercise a little patience. We promise to update you once the portal is available. We advise that Subscribe to our blog for free with your email address to receive instant notification on Npower updates and other current and latest job opportunities and regularly visit this site. Like our facebook fan page and share to friends to do same.

  20. my name is Isaac, I am among those that register for npower last year but after the examination I didn’t here from them again. last week, I was ask to come for my physical verification of which I did. what can I use to login now because I have not update my account and my account number have not been updated.

  21. Gud day sir am done with my verification, but have not been able to update my bank details. They r telling me in valid password and username. Pls help me out sir

    • You will receive SMS containing your login details to update your account, you can read on how to update you account on this site

  22. please I have been trying to log in to the portal for registration but couldn’t. Can you help me.

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