JAMB O’level Result Upload 2022/2023- How to upload your WAEC/NECO/ NABTEB result on JAMB Portal

JAMB- Joint Admission and Matriculation Board
JAMB- Joint Admission and Matriculation Board

JAMB Result Upload 2022/2023 – This is to inform all JAMB candidates that JAMB portal for uploading of O’level Result (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB etc) is now open. All JAMB UTME candidates are advised to upload their result on their JAMB profile /dashboard.

CLICK HERE – How to check if you have uploaded your O’level/SSCE (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) result on jamb Portal/CAPS Successfully

Many students do ask question as regards to the JAMB O’level result uploading, question like;

  • 2022/2023 awaiting result update and uploading
  • 2022/2023 Awaiting Olevel result upload
  • Closing date for Jamb uploading of result
  • Deadline for uploading of WAEC/NECO result on JAMB portal
  • Guide on how to upload o’level result online
  • How to edit jamb profile and upload awaiting result
  • How to upload awaiting result online
  • How to upload my awaiting result
  • How to upload o’level result after jamb registration 2022/2023
  • How to upload o’level result on jamb website
  • Jamb uploading of result closing date 2022
  • Step by step on how to upload jamb result
  • Upload WAEC/NECO result to jamb portal 2022/2023
  • When is the deadline for Jamb uploading of result

This post will clearly explain questions asked by some JAMB UTME candidate.

The uploading of the Olevel result is applicable to all candidates who were able and unable to upload their result during the JAMB online registration or are making use of AWAITING Olevel result.

Advise/notice- If you successfully uploaded your O’Level result during your JAMB online registration, we advise you do re-uploading or you re-upload of your result to be on a safer side.

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If you have not uploaded your result, you are by this notice advised to do so before the POST UTME of all tertiary institution commences. JAMB has said for admission to be offered to candidates, each candidate must first upload his/her Olevel result on JAMB server or Profile, else admission will not be given to such candidate despite your JAMB UTME or Post UTME score.

The Uploading and Re-Uploading process is also the same for candidates using two sittings O’Level result, but you need to indicate that you are using two (2) sittings.

How to Upload your O’Level Result on JAMB Server or your JAMB Profile 2022/2023

  • Visit an accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB office or JAMB registration centre/café closest to you.
  • Ensure you go along with a copy of your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/NEBTEB etc) as well as the email address you used during the online registration
  • Also you JAMB profile Code
  • Once you get to the CBT centre or JAMB office, request for an upload of your O’level result on JAMB Portal.

Note: This will attract a fee. The process is also the same for those using two sittings.

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JAMB O’level Result Upload 2022/2023


  1. If you have already upload your Waec result @ an authorized center and you can’t find it on your JAMB profile, what do you do ?

  2. Is profile code needed for uploading o’level result?
    Because the café man said he only needs my email and password.
    Am kind of confuse.

  3. pls help when l went for change of institution and course my waec result wasn’t out then but is out nw pls how do help me out? pls l have already paid 2500 when l went for that, are you saying l will pay another money to upload my result again, pls my name is ROLAND RESTORATION, pls l need your help before time elapse,thanks.

    • Go to any authorized CBT centre to upload your Olevel result. Charges between 500 – 1,000 will be paid at the centre….

  4. please I have already uploaded my waec result before neco is out but the neco result is better than waec, can I do reuploading again

    • SMS Resend to 55019 with the same phone number you used to purchase your registration pin and the profile code will be sent to you. Remember, a charge of #50 will be demanded

    • You have to upload your result before the admission list goes to Abuja for final confirmation……
      It might delay your offer of admission so don’t wait for closing date. Thanks

  5. good day i can’t see my name in admission list I scored 236
    on aptitude test futo
    pls help me check if I really uploaded my results
    reg Num_86477264ED thanks

  6. please,is the uploading of O’level results applicable to direct entry students too? and also when is then deadline for the uploads for UNIBEN

    • Yes if you did not upload your olevel during registration…. No deadline by JAMB, its only institutions that has deadline due to the swift release of admission list. It should be done before list comes out

    • It will not show on your JAMB profile, once you go to a CBT centre or JAMB accredited for registration, give them your JAMB profile code, once typed in, it will show your name saying that you have successfully uploaded your result. This is the only way of knowing whether you have uploaded your result.

    • If you are sure you did the upload, you don’t need to upload again, but if you are not sure, we advise you go and upload it again.

  7. Pls, I have already uploaded my result as was confirmed by jamb…. But uniben, my school of choice sent me a text message saying that my admission has been delayed because of failure to upload my result… What should I do…. Cos my admission is at stake

    • Go back to a JAMB CBT centre to re-upload your result and also check your JAMB CAPS…. Some of the messages are sent be CAFEs in UNIBEN so check these things to be sure if the message was sent be UNIBEN. Also please to and re-upload…. Thanks

  8. please will i re-upload my result i have don’t that when am when uni cal demanded it but now is it advisable to re-upload it to my second institution EBSU or will d first 1 serve for both of them please

  9. please will i re-upload my result i have don’t that when am when uni cal demanded it but now is it advisable to re-upload it to my second institution EBSU or will d first 1 serve for both of them please

  10. I HV long uploaded my o’level online to jamb, but it is still telling me to go Nd upload my my o’level at any CBT center

    • You uploaded during registration? If yes, you will not upload again. Note that jamb and institutions will not sent you direct SMS for uploading. But if you are scared you can visit a JAMB CBT centre to upload. Thanks

  11. I have been offered admission but my jamb portal is still showing not admitted..heard its because i didnt reupload my results..but i already uploaded my results during first registration

  12. I uploaded my wace results during the jamb online registration is it compulsory for me to re-upload my results again and when is the deadline.

  13. please haven’t uploaded mine cause they are saying no admission given yet and IMSU is still releasing the list through jamb is it possible for me to go to a cybercafe to upload mine cause am not sure that mine was uploaded

  14. Pls I uploading my result when it’s came out on jamb but it not reflecting on the school page and presently admission list is out. My page is showing incomplete result. Pls people what do I do

  15. is there any way to get into my jamb portal with out Email bcs when I log in it show me invalid username or password and I know it is correct it is the one I used during the registration

  16. Good day…Please I have uploaded my O’level result during the Jamb online registration since January
    Do I still need to re upload again?
    Thank you.

  17. Hey. I uploaded my o’level results during the jamb registration in January. Do I still need to upload it at a JAMB centre? Also, I’ve been hearing rumors that candidates should re-upload their o’level results to their JAMB profiles. Please is this true?

  18. Hey. I uploaded my o’level results during my Jamb registration in January. Do I still need to upload it at a JAMB center? Also, I’ve been hearing rumors that candidates should re-upload their o’level results on their JAMB profiles. It’s this true?

  19. I went to CBT center to upload my o’level results the said there is no network available since last week. What is wrong with the network can you help me out

  20. I login to my profile on jamb portal then I clicked on my documents but it was showing “no service used for the document is found” please, does that mean I have to re-upload my O’level result because have done that during my DE registration?

  21. Pls I think they should prolong uploading of o,level result till the end of this month because many people in my village have not theirs because there is no place except we go to uyo so pls give us some time we will finish uploading all our o,level result b4 this month ends God bless u jamb members.

    • There is no way to know if you have uploaded your result unless you were there when it was uploaded. All you need to do is to locate a JAMB CBT centre or accredited Centre with your Olevel result and JAMB profile code

    • Congratulations… Wait for your institution to publish the list on their portal. Sure you have been considered for admission

  22. I paid 1000 for scanin and upload of my olevel result during my registration do I need to upload it again? or has it been deleated on my jamb portal? am confused

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