Npower Final Selection and Deployment of Successfully verified Candidates 2017-2018 commences- See details

Npower Selection and Deployment commences see details –The Npower Pre-selection of successful candidates who met the requirement of the 2017 Npower recruitment criteria has been completed and the physical verification of such candidates will be concluded in a few days (15th December, 2017). After the physical Verification exercise,  SEE what comes NEXT….

After the physical verification, what is the next step for the N-Power FG Job recruitment? Recall that the Npower recruitment has an existing stages that guides the recruitment from the point of registration to the last stage.

Well in this post, we will enlighten you about the next stage of the Npower recruitment after the conclusion of the Npower Physical Verification 2017

First we will like to bring to your remembrance of the stages guiding the final selection and deployment of NPOWER applicants, they include;

  1. Application stage
  2. BVN validation stage
  3. The test stage
  4. Device selection stage
  5. Pre-Selection stage
  6. Physical verification stage
  7. Selection stage
  8. Deployment stage

Application stage: This was the first stage of the 2017 Npower recruitment where all applicants carried out the online registration. This was done early this year.

BVN Validation Stage: The 2017 Npower tried to avoid the mistakes of 2016 Npower applicant where thousands of the successful applicant had BVN issue either BVN details does not correspond with their back details or incomplete BVN. So the 2017 Npower validated all applicants BVN selected all those whose BVN are correct.

Test Stage: Before you will be take on the test, your BVN must be validated. The test contains 10 questions with 2 attempts

Device selection Stage: In this stage all applicants called to take on the online assessment test are mandated to select a device of their choice which will be given to them at the final stage (when they are finally deployed). Hope you selected  yours

Pre-Selection Stage: This is the stage in which Npower selected applicants that successfully completed the above stage, giving them access to the next stage. Note, been pre-selected does not grant you the employment.

Physical verification stage: This stage, the pre-selected candidates will be verified as regards to the online registration. To ascertain that the information/data used during registration are correct. The verification include; Age, Degree, Name, Bank details, etc. in this stage many applicants will be dropped, but you will not be dropped…..

Final Selection stage: This is where certified candidates after the verification will be employed into the Npower programme.  Once you are in this stage, automatically you have been employed. You will be notified via SMS, email or online publication on the NPOWER official portal.

Deployment stage: All selected applicants will now be deployed to their Different Primary Place of Assignment (PPA)

What is your next action after the stage you are now………..


When is the deployment list coming out

Npower deployment list

When is the 2017 Npower Selection list coming out

Npower final selection 2017

Npower deployment of candidates

NPOWER Final Selection and Deployment of Pre-selected Candidates 2017-2018 after Physical Verification Exercise  

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