Npower Agro Deployment List of Shortlisted Candidates for Batch C – See How to Check

Npower Agro Deployment List 2021/2022 for Batch C Shortlisted Candidates  – Were you selected for Npower Agro Test? Did you participate in the NASIMS Portal Test Online?

Did you score above 50%, did you want to recheck your NAgro Test Result after taking Test?

This is to inform the general public about the Npower Agro Deployment List of  Shortlisted Candidates  for batch c 2021/2022.

We use this medium to inform all applicants that registered for Npower Agro Recruitment Progrmme about the 2021/2022 Npower Agro Deployment Lists and Posting Letter.

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N-Agro Batch C Deployment list of Successful candidates 2021/2022 for all Npower Agro Prospective Candidates who have successfully completed their CBT online test and got up to the cut off mark to be deployed, such applicants can check their deployment Status on their dashboard.

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Where can I see my npower deployment Letter for N-Agro 2021

Note that, the 2021 deployment page on the NASIMS portal is where beneficiaries of the Npower Agro batch C Candidates can view to know if they have been deployed to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

At the end of this post, a steps to check Npower Agro deployment status or posting for N-Health Batch ‘C’ 2021/2022 Beneficiaries will be discussed

How to check Npower Agro Deployment Status on NASIMS Portal 2021

  • Visit,
  • Next, Login to your dashboard with your registered Password and Email Address.
  • Click on the ‘Deployment’ button at the top side of your NASIMS profile.
  • Once clicked on the deployment button, your N-power deployment status will display.

How Npower Agro will know if they have been deployed

If deployed, you will get a response below:

Congratulations!!! Dear [Applicant’s Name],  you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.

But if you have not been deployed, you will see the following statement:

“Dear [Applicant’s Name], you have not been deployed yet.  Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set.”

How to Printout Npower Agro Posting Letter 2021 to your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA)

For successful Npower Agro Candidates will be notify via email, phone number or through your npvn npower dashboard- check here

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