Apply for Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology (EKSCAT) Recruitment 2020 – 34 Massive Job Vacancies

Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology Recruitment 2020- This is to inform the general public and interest applicants   that Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology is currently recruiting.

If teaching job is your dream, EKSCAT is calling you to apply for one of the 34 job positions in the institution.

EKSCAT recruitment 2020 application form and registration portal is opening and accepting application from suitably qualified applicants

Note- Having considered the shift of Nigeria focus on Oil to Agriculture for economic growth, the College pose to fill the gap of the diversification by training and producing a graduate who will be verse in Agricultural and Technological knowledge needed to do great exploit in the sector.

EKSCAT Recruitment 2020 Job Categories

Applications are invited for the following positions below:

1.) Senior Librarian
2.) Principal Librarian
3.) Senior Instructor (Accountancy)
4.) Lecturer II (Accountancy)
5.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)
6.) Lecturer III (Accountancy)
7.) Lecturer I (Accountancy)
8.) Technologist I (Computer Science)
9.) Lecturer III (Computer Science)
10.) Technologist I (Agricultural and Bio-Enviromental Engineering)
11.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)
12.) Lecturer III (Agricultural and Bio-Enviromental Engineering)
13.) Technologist I (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
14.) Lecturer II (Agricultural and Bio-Enviromental Engineering)
15.) Lecturer I (Agricultural and Bio-Enviromental Engineering)
16.) Lecturer II (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
17.) Technologist I (Agricultural Technology)
18.) Lecturer III (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
19.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Technology)
20.) Lecturer III (Agricultural Technology)
21.) Lecturer II (General Studies)
22.) Lecturer III (General Studies)
23.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Technology)
24.) Lecturer I (General Studies)
25.) Lecturer I (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
26.) Technologist I (Poultry)
27.) Technologist I (Mechanical / Machinist)
28.) Technologist I (Fisheries)
29.) Technologist I (Electrical / Electronics Gadgets)
30.) Lecturer I (Animal Production)
31.) Lecturer I (Aquaculture)
32.) Lecturer I (Crop Production)
33.) Lecturer I (Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering Technology)

34.) Lecturer I (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Technology)


How to register/Apply for Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology (EKSCAT) Recruitment 2020

Interested candidates should visit OR

Closing Date  for EKSCAT Recruitment 2020

All applications are to be submitted on or before 4th June, 2020.


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