2016 N-Power Payment Issues Solution and Distribution of Computer device to 2016 Beneficiaries– Check Your Date and Venue

The N-Power Device which was promised to all beneficial by the federal Government from the commencement of the FG Job Creation (N-Power) is coming to reality as  the computer device will be ready for collection very soon for all N-Power volunteers in batches.

Choosing the computer devices by each applicant during the verification at the last N-Power, many applicants taught it won’t be given to them again because it has been long but this is good news to all as the computer devices is already at their finger tips.

NOTE that this article is ONLY for N-Power 2016 Beneficiaries

Date of the N-Power collection schedule

S/No              Devices Proposed Expected Date of Delivery
1. Afri-one (2-in-1) July 15th
2. RLG Adulawo Limited July 21st
3. Floss Signatures July 27th
4. Samsung Tab E July 27th
5. Zinox Z Pad July 27th
6. Brian NPower IPAD August 15th
7. Techno Pad August 31st
8. Speedstar August 31st

Identification for The Collection of N-Power Computer Device

The mode of identification all N-Power Applicants includes any valid means of which can be used as a means of identification as the right beneficiary at the collection point. The modes are;

  • The valid ID card you uploaded in your N-Power (NPVN) portal.
  • Print out from your NPVN portal that shows your Payment history
  • Print out of your profile face showing your passport and Id card you uploaded.
  • The Email that will be sent to you.

N-Power payment Issues, Validation of BVN and Collection of N-Power Device

Please note that if you did not receive your June payment as an already existing NPower Beneficiary, kindly send your details to npower.gov.ng in the following format




Name of Bank

This is only for those have received stipends before

2016 N-Power Payment Issues

To all 2016 N-Power beneficiaries still having issues, the below numbers will call you;



Please do not give your details to anyone else.


  1. Good day,I am Lamidi kehinde Omotola,a beneficial of this program,posted and also resume to my PPA,but d fortunate thing is that I have not receive a dine since the inception of this program for the past four months now, av called severally but d responds was “Patient”pls assist me and let me know if am still in for this program. Thanks

  2. Plc i write my N-health test assesment but stil l send me a mss to wrerite agen! my quesion is is that 2times are we written the test or what?

  3. Hillo admin I receive text for device collection, but very fortunate when I reach the collection center they told me that I can’t receive my device. They said I most contact the admin, but I don’t really knw way please help me out.

  4. Gd day sir,pls i’m GADA MAIGONA ENOOH i select device but did’nt received collection mesage but i went to de collection center they said it does not found pls how do to get this device.

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