N-Power Assessment and Screening Test Login Issues and Solutions – I Didn’t Write the Test, What should I Do


I  Didn’t Write My N-Power Assessment and Screening Test, What should I Do – Most of the 2017 N-Power applicant who registered for the 2017 N-Power Recruitment find it difficult to login to the assessment and Screening test portal why is it so what must have been the problem and what the solution to the problem is. Will they ever write the Assessment and Screening test this year?  If you are among these categories of people or you know anybody with this same problem, this post is for you.

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In this article, article we will be discussing some problems behind not again access to the N-Power Assessment and Screening Aptitude Test, some solution and if they can have another change of writing their test.

Some Major issues why you were unable to write your N-Power Assessment and Screening Test

During the 2017/2018 N-Power registration, you were asked to provide a valid details of  your BVN, some personal data, Bank account details etc. this details are been mis-filled during the N-Power Registration. First on the registration portal you have BVN FIRST NAME, BVN MIDDLE NAME AND BVN SURNAME, but some went ahead to mistake the names of taking the Middle name as the first name vice versa  thinking that it is correct, this can lead to you not receiving the SMS for Test.

Network issue –  A candidate commented that he was suppose to write his N-Tax but did not receive SMS during the 3 days slated for N-Tax till after N-Tax date was over he received the SMS. This is caused by poor mobile network and also poor network during registration as your full details was not correctly submitted.

I registered successful and have my Reference code but did not receive SMS to write my Test –  what should I do

The only meaning of that is that your BVN record did not match your details provided.

Secondly you registered from 1st of July, 2017 so you have another date slated for you after the end of this first test batch.

I did not receive SMS for N-Power Assessment and Screening Test and my date for the test has passed, Should I re-apply.

Application is done only once and the system will display that you have already applied.


I was unable to login to the Test Portal – what should I do

If you did not receive the SMS for N-Power and you tried to login but it displayed error, this means that you where not shortlisted for the test. And you BVN record did not match your details.

I did not receive SMS for N-Power Assessment and Screening Test, What should I do?

Wait for the next N-Power Assessment and Screening test date.

Is there any hope of writing again since we did not write the first N-Power Assessment and Screening Test.

Yes as the second batch of the N-Power Assessment and Screening Test will commence on 22nd July, 2017. The good news is YES there is chance of you writing again as you might be shortlisted to write with the new applicant that registered from 1st July,  but the bad news is that the chances are very small.

 What if I did not receive the SMS Till the end of the Test

This means you have to wait for the next N-Power Recruitment.

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  1. I did not write the text, what do i do pls?After the registration i discovered that my name waz nt spelt correctly in my BVN.I need help

  2. I got my message just yesterday to login for my test under n tax while date has elaspsed, which I did.. I’m I still on track? Please help

  3. During my registration I my first name as my surname and my last name as my name will I still be picked please I need your help nd I need this Government work thanks

  4. I wonder how this is done. I’m super sure that there was no mistake in what I filled but yet I dint receive any message up till now. NAgro dat I applied for will close tomorrow. I feel there’s something wrong with the way they manage this stuff. #myview#

  5. please i need your help i missed up my surname with my first name. is there any hope for me? or is there anyway i can edit it.

  6. i applied for n health a on 17 but i made the mistake of placing my surname where my first name should be ,but have not received any SMS. what should i do

  7. I applied for Npower Tax on the 15th of June and I haven’t receive any message yet and the time Scheduled for the test has passed, Pls is there hope?

  8. please and please me so that I should know what I am in, I have an account with UBA, with 2(two name ),I registered for my BVN with that two names, since I was in secondary school, when I was about to write my Neco exams, I decided to make it three names, I went to taraba state college of health technology Takum till I finished, since I started using three names, I went and open another account with three names using that BVN with two names, tell me my fault that you don’t want me to benefit from federal government.

  9. Good day, Pls i registered with another surname different from the one on my BVN number bcos I’m married, Pls will i receive message nd won’t it affect my chances of getting text message? Tnx.

  10. after my npower regisration, (N-Teach) i discovered that i mised one names did not match with the BVN registration. Is there any way of correction? pls help me.

  11. I registered 24th for N-teach but they sent me text.before they said d test of Nteach has been postponed of which I loved in according to the text.and dat text was sent at d time of n tax.I answered 11questions I got as test and submitted what do I do now?

    • If you have written its ok, but wait again for the N-Teach test date, for SMS and try to login and see if it will open if it does write, if it doesn’t leave it. but still confused how you got your SMS hope it was not N-Tax you applied for. Good luck

  12. I registered on 2nd of July 2017 and got the test message on the 15th of July to write my test.the problem is that i wasn’t able to log in what is the solution to this pls help me out…..I reg for npower tax

  13. I wz sent sms and i hv taken my text but if i loggin to click on device,is showing is not available,wat could be d problem?

  14. my BVN names are correct with the names I supplied during registration for Npower,the age I use during registration correspond with my certificates but not with BVN, will I be able to to write the test and get enlisted

  15. I registered since 16th, June 2017 for N-Power tech, till date I am yet to receive SMS neither was I able to log in, but my details are all correct. What should I do? Or could it be the case that I was not shortlisted? If that’s the case, please permit me to ask, what are the criteria for an applicant to be shortlisted other that the conditions spelt out on N-Power requirements home page/website? Requirements which I met meticulously.
    Please, I need to know what I should do?

  16. Someone tempered with my details and went through my account,I just noticed the person wrote my test. Pls,can I get a grace of writing my test myself?.

  17. I am supposed to apply for N-health and mistakenly applied for N-Tech. Pls can i change it, if yes, how do i go about it?

  18. Sir I apply for N-health I didn’t receive any SMS but i went ahead and wrote the test. I don’t know if I stand a chance. Thank you sir.

  19. The issue of NYSC certificate for somebody like me that my school doesn’t go for NYSC what will happen to me. ( Lagos State College of Health Technology)

  20. I have applied for n-power agro correctly my information match with my bvn but I haven’t received the text yet any hope for me?

  21. Please Sir/Ma. My log in keeps returning invalid. I just got to know am not supposed to use my old NYSC account details. Please how then do I change this bank details to my other Bank so as to participate in the agro test ending today pls? Thank you very kindly

    • If you have submitted your application you can’t edit it. But wait after you have been shortlisted, you will be asked to update your portal then you can change the bank account details

  22. Pls my BVN and names are correct but yet finding it hard to login into my test Porter since on the 9th of this month,because I registered for N-Teach. Please what should I do?

  23. Pls i did the N teach test successfully but i was asked to do additional test based on work experience i chose but after answering all,i was about to submit when my time was up. i dont know if my answers will be submitted.

  24. Pls anytime I login to write d test for nteach Wat I c is ongoing bvn validation .pls do I still have hope of writing d test

  25. Haven’t receive my text for npower teach .can’t access to write d test.v tried logging in n til having invalid issue.my number 08068220388.Echeonwu Joseph Blessing

  26. What if same one wants to login to his N-power dashboard to write the test but if the Phone number and the BVN was put and click login is not login it’s keep saying invalid BVN what could that person do…

  27. please i have written the teach assessment test but login and to see it asking me to click for the assessment test.does it mean that the first one I did is not accepted. or that’s just the way it is
    I did the test on the 10th of August

  28. I did not put h in my son name and my BVN son name is Mb only instead of Mbah.what can i do i need help please

  29. Good afternoon sir /ma, I was short list of the NPower Tech software but I can’t login to my account what should I do.

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