Re-Solve IPPIS Registration and Verification Exercise Issues/Problems Applicants’ Face-

IPPIS verification issues and solutions- We have received several questions concerning the IPPIS online registration ranging from IPPIS Token generation, issues on selecting for the IPPIS form (Employment form, Department division unit form etc), difficulty in access the IPPIS portal etc. The IPPIS applicants have been having different kinds of registration issue/problem during their IPPIS verification registration, which we will be treating in this post.

Comment– I am finding it difficult to proceed in the registration process for my agency national library especially at the division column of the employment section which list of items is not displayed.

In this post we will be tackling some of the IPPIS verification issues/problems you have encountered during your online registration.

I can’t access the IPPIS portal

The official portal for the IPPIS verification exercise is all registration is to be carried out in this portal only.

I find it difficult to generate my IPPIS verification Token. How do I generate my IPPIS token?

To generate your IPPIS verification toke is very simple and easy. I have written on how to generate your IPPIS Token. CLICK HERE TO READ THE STEP

Some of the IPPIS verification exercise forms are not opening or I am finding it difficult to access some IPPIS form

Some of the issues are as a result of your network providers you make use of to access the IPPIS verification exercise.  The IPPIS verification exercise online registration requires a high speed network for the registration.

How do I successfully register for the IPPIS Verification Exercise?

To register for the IPPIS verification exercise click on the link provided

Having problems filling out the forms? Send a complaint and indicate your Reference ID, Mobile Number and last name to . Help Desk: 08065443855, 08038131905, 08024713395

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  1. You know all month to month members management refused to put them in IPPIS so we don’t have salary for three month and don’t know you’re Faith right now

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