Parent’s Guide: How to protect your children from Danger

This is to inform prospective parents and our dear parents and guardians on how to protect their children from danger and all things that may lead them to danger.


As we all know children are not yet matured, they are under maturity, so more concentrations should be given to them.


Though, we know that most parents are always busy with their daily endeavours/businesses leaving their children at home or even on the care of their house help. This has been the major reason why children misbehave and their lives are mostly endangered. They indulge in most evil societies that will profit them nothing. Even in their academic pursuit which you (parents/guardians) think you struggle for, you don’t care about their performance… why? It is a question all parents suppose to have answers to.


What do I do to prevent my children from danger?

I would suggest, you make plan that will profit you and your children. Try to at least give your children time. Stay with them, understand their problems and their lifestyle. This will help you to understand their lifestyle and what their plans are.

Note: you cannot understand your children unless you stay close to them and relate with them.

Always show them love as it will help them to at least resist keeping bad companies and even playing truant.

Nevertheless, try as much as you can to provide their needs as it will help them to avoid following bad friends and playing truant.

There has also been cases that has happened to lots of children in Nigeria

A five year old pregnant girl. This sounds amazing but is real. It was as a result of how she was exposed to sex from a year old. The househelp that stays with her, always have sex with her which made her sexual organs to develop. So, before five years she became pregnant… it is real

For the full story, keep checking the site

Finally, try as much as you can to guide and protect your children from danger. Try and take up your responsibilities. Remember, you are the one that contributed to their existence – as manufacturers extract raw materials from their original source.

If you have experienced or have seen a child endangered due to any reason please do well to share or comment as it will help to educate others… Be your brother’s keeper.

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