How to login to Npower portal to write Npower Assessment Test 2020 – N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Tech, N-Creative, N-Build Assessment Test

Npower Recruitment Test 2020/2021 – Few more days to go – By now you are aware that the NPower online assessment test will commence this month that is why Spark Gist decided to bring to you, the steps on how to login and write your assessment test freely and successfully.

Statistics drawn from other concluded NPower test categories, that some applicants cannot login to their test portal and some find it difficult to input their details on the test portal.

Comments received shows that some applicants have no idea on how to login to the assessment test portal.

While some have the ideal, successfully login to the test portal  but misuse the steps.

Npower Batch C Test 2020

How to login to write 2020 Npower assessment test successfully

Step 1: Visit the test portal: 

Step 2: Enter your login details which includes:

  • Username – Phone number
  • Password – BVN.

Step 3: Now click on Login and you will be directed to your Dashboard.

Step 4: Click on Click Here to Start your test.

Step 5: Two (2) options will display for you to choose; they are

Click to start Assessment Test
Click to select Device

Step 6 Click on option

Select the Start Assessment Test First after then click on option then select Device.

“It is important for you to note that, the N-Teach online Assessment Test questions consist of only eleven (11) questions which you are expected to answer all the questions within 20 minutes, although in some cases, it could be more than 11 questions.

Like we have been informing you all, if you do not receive a text message, proceed to the portal and login. Some factors could result from you not receiving a text message; it could be network issues etc.”

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Good luck….

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  1. Plz Sir if someone did not finish and summit before the time, will they mark the one the answered or will dey cancel it? Gud morning.

  2. I wish to seize this great opportunity to show appreciation for ur guidance throughout my quiz with Npower. How u always give me a correct answer to my problem especially how u directed me on how to go back to my dashboard and click reattempt and see my attempt 2 that did not come up yesterday I did the other test due to network. May God continue to empower u more. My ♥ full of thanks.

    • Thank you also for giving us more energy to serve your people more by appreciation. Do well to share to others so that they can also join you and be happy… Team Spark Gist….

  3. Comment * Gd evening, I logged in and tried writing the test but didn’t see anything but only saw attempt and then start attempt and nothing else showed, So what next should I do?

    • If it displayed start attempt, click on it and start your test after that select your device and then take your competency skill test if it shows on your dashboard

  4. you said we should not panic, now from bvn validation to bvn invalid. My bvn is correct which i know. pls help a helpless mother.

  5. Please sir I have been trying to login & write my test but it kept telling me bvn validation ongoing but I just tried it now & It told me bvn invalid.What do I do?.Thanks.

  6. Pls sir the name on my BVN and the name I used in registering where different, but I later update my account so that the names can correspond. But till now I still can’t write my test as it still say invalid BVN. Please I really don’t want to miss out again, what do I do?

  7. pls show many questions am l to write cos vé written like 32 n programming device is still open….dont know what to do..

    • Quiz 11 questions 1st attempt and 11 questions 2nd attempt
      Device selection 1 question
      competency test 1: 11 questions
      competency test 2: 11 questions
      Total:34 or 45 questions

  8. Pls am seeing skills and experience evaluation in my dashboard. Should I also attempt the question? Am confused

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