N-power 2017- New Date for Writing N-Agro and N-Teach Assessment

We have been received several messages from different participants of the 2017 N-Power scheme showing their concern about some certain issues of not writing their N-Power Agro and Teach.

This message is specifically for ONLY N-Teach and N-Agro.

Please do not panic as the date for the N-POWER TEACH & N-POWER AGRO assessment test will be announced soon. Be assured that the date would be communicated to you soon by N-Power.

Text Messages will still be sent to N-Power TAX and N-HEALTH applicants.

We would also like to notify you all that the message that have been spreading telling people to contact NPOWER through this email (npower2017.helpdesk@gmail.com) is not from the N-Power body. Please be informed that it is a fraudulent and scam email address. Please do not send any message to the email.

Do not engage anyone, call or entertain calls from strange numbers that have not been provided by this channel.

Any information not shared by any of our official channels is FAKE!

If you are interested or you have anyone who is willing in applying for the 2017 Npower scheme, do well to inform the person that registration is still ON and is left with only two (2) days to apply. Closing Date July 13, 2017.  Apply now.

N-TAX and N-Health Assessment Tests will continue. Applicants who applied for N-Agro began their assessment test on Monday, 10th July, 2017.

Some Reasons for Disqualification of some persons

Some N-Power Applicants were disqualified as a result of

  1. Their Age,
  2. In-consistence BVN Records
  3. Filling Wrong information and  multiple credentials,
  4. While others do not have certificates which they claim they have and filled during the on-line Registration.

The aim of BVN validation is to avoid the situation faced by some of the existing N-Power beneficiaries who have issues with payment of monthly stipends.

Once your BVN validation is done, a TEXT MESSAGE will be sent to your phone numbers to either proceed to the assessment test phase or to end the journey.

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  1. During my N-agro application, the cafe’ operator registered my name as Dem Jennifer Cheke instead Jennifer Dem Cheke. Should I be worried?

  2. I can’t access my profile to write my test and did not receive any sms, hope is not late yet my phone number is 08063981779.

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