JAMB Regularization: Easy steps to regularize and get your Admission Letter in 1 week for NYSC Mobilization

JAMB Regularization, Admission Letter Printing for NYSC Mobilization: This post is to point out some issues faced by students after graduation as regards to their JAMB regularization application, getting/printing of their JAMB admission letter and NYSC mobilization.

This post is written to solve some issues like

  • Who is To Do JAMB Regularization Before Applying For NYSC
  • I don’t have JAMB admission letter what will I do?
  • JAMB Regularization Process/procedures
  • JAMB Regularization/Validation/Late Application Procedures
  • I don’t have JAMB registration number
  • I did not write JAMB when I got admission
  • How do I print my admission letter for mobilization
  • How to get regularized in a week and get your admission letter

We have noticed that some persons are yet to get notification from JAMB as regards to their JAMB Regularization, or don’t know how to get their regularization done as ease.

Well, there are possible ways by which you can resolve and get your regularization, print your admission letter and get mobilized within a little period of time as updated by JAMB office Abuja.

Who is to do JAMB regularization?

  • Applicants for JAMB regularization are for students don’t have admission letter from jamb but was offered admission in tertiary institutions
  • Students who did remedial/Pre-degree programme like BASIC programme or CERTIFICATE programme or direct application to the school
  • Students who did not registered JAMB during the year they were offered admission (ie from basic and certificate programme)

What do you need for your JAMB Regularization Process?

  • JAMB Result for applicant who already have valid JAMB registration number
  • If you don’t have JAMB number you are also eligible to apply for regularization
  • Olevel result
  • Passport photograph
  • Your bio-data
  • Current course studying in the institution

Note– applicants with no JAMB registration number will be give a NEW JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBER AFTER REGULARIZATION IS APPROVED

Also, most students has done JAMB REGULARIZATION for months, weeks or days but are yet to get update or notification from JAMB or their application have not been APPROVED.

How to Apply, Register or Process your JAMB Regularization

  • Login to your profile and click on regularization
  • Make payment
  • Fill out the form with the correct details
  • Upload your passport
  • Click submit
  • Print your application form

After applying online proceed to Admission Office in your Institution to submit

  • Sign the application form
  • Submit the printed signed form to your school Admission Office (charges may apply)
  • Admission office will submit it to JAMB Office in your institution state
  • Your institution will submit your form to JAMB OFFICE in your state or Abuja
  • The Jamb officials will send you notification to your Email address

How to Monitor and Check your JAMB Regularization Application

  • Login to your JAMB regularization profile via www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/login
  • Scroll to the right top side of your dashboard to the place that has small blur tiny passport
  • Click on MY PROFILE
  • A page containing your details will appear
  • Click on SERVICE USAGE
  • Click on VIEW MY USAGE
  • Another page will come out
  • Click on CHECK STATUS

If APPROVED, proceed to print your Admission letter

How to print your admission Letter for NYSC Mobilization

How to know if you will be mobilized for NYSC

Once you have printed your admission letter, monitor mobilization process via JAMB MATRICULATION LIST FOR NYSC MOBILIZATION BY CLICKING HERE


How to mobilization for NYSC in your institution Students’ Affairs Department

Once you have done the above process proceed to your Institution Students’ Affairs office with your Jamb Admission Letter, School Fees Payment Dashboard, Statement of Result and other credentials as stipulated by your school.

What to do if I JAMB has not approved my Regularization Application

If you have not been notified by JAMB, don’t panic go back to your institutions’ admission office to lay a complaint. If not response, proceed to the nearest JAMB office.


JAMB Regularization: Easy steps to regularize and get your Admission Letter in 1 week for NYSC Mobilization- www.jamb.gov.ng


  1. Hello I check my status on d jamb site it was approved (regularization)but am still yet to get any notification form jamb pls wat can I do

      • October and it was approved February I checked my status on dere site and I saw approved but uptill now am yet to get any email from dem about my jamb registration number

        • Your Jamb registration number is in your dashboard, where you have the approved sign.

          Follow the Below steps

          When you login
          Click on My Profile
          Click on Service Usage
          Click on Visit my Usage
          On date page you will see your JAMB Registration Number

          If you cannot get it, Send an email with your login details to sparkgist1@gmail.com, then we can assist you with it.

    • Jamb regularization is for candidate/student who do not have admission from jamb or entered university through remedial programme or was offered admission by school but was not offered admission by jamb hence they cannot print their jamb admission letter.

  2. After I successfully did my regularization I received message as no more illegitimate admission. Please what is’t mean, and how should I do now?

    • You will receive message telling you to go and print your admission letter from 4 weeks after registration and submission to you school admission office..

      • Please, what if you were not able to print it within that 4weeks, and it is now displaying ‘sorry, you have not been given admission yet’, what is the next line of action

  3. pls, on my payment page its stated that “condonement illegitimate admission ((successful (not used))! and i already has the printout of the indemnity form< why is not-used even after i already have the printout…

    • Make payment and print your admission letter. Or check on Jamb matriculation list to see if you have been matriculated.

  4. After my regularisation I received an email that my condonement of illigitimate admission could be approve and the reason is no more condonement of illigimate admission. What could be the problem and what can I do now??

  5. I did my regularization since November 2020 till date nothing was send. Is 23 of September 2021 that my school upload our indemnity form but till now not approved wat should I do pls.

    • The error was from your school, they did not send the indemnity form to jamb early. So wait a while JAMB will confirm it.

  6. good morning please i just checked my status and is not approved but the place they wrote reason they said there is no reason please what does it mean

  7. Good day every one.i tried to print my 2013 jamb admission offer letter. It said I have not been admitted yet….m…what should I do….

    • You have to wait for a month or so after submitting a copy of your regularization slip in your school admission office

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