FRSC Summary Page 2021: How to Print your FRSC Summary Page and Requirements for FRSC Interview

Print your FRSC Registration Acknowledgement Slip /Summary Page Here- Most shortlisted applicants for the FRSC recruitment 2021 are still finding it difficult to print out their FRSC summary page (DATA PAGE), that is why this post is been written to enable your print out your summary page (data page) for your 2021/2022 FRSC screening exercise/interview starting 15th September, 2021. Thank our team members later for this.

We apologies for bring this information late but we do hope you make use of the information which we have provided for you. We had to make some research before publishing this FRSC summary page for all successfully shortlisted candidates.

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How to print your FRSC Acknowledgement Slip/Summary Page (DATA PAGE) 2021

Due to the large request of our viewers on how they are unable to print or get their summary page, we have find a way of getting your the FRSC summary page as easy and at your own convenience.

follow the steps below to print your Summary page

  1. CLICK HERE Frsc summary data page  to download the Microsoft word file
  2. Open the file and edit with the correct information used during online registration (While editing, do not remove the asterisk sign *)
  3. Upload/Insert your passport photograph
  4. Save and print out your summary page


Requirements for 2021/2022 FRSC Screening Exercise/Physical Assessment and Verification

Shortlisted candidates are to report at the screening center on the day of the screening with the following compulsory documents

  1. Application Acknowledgment Slip (Summary page)
  2. Email Notification Slip for Shortlisted Candidates

Note, you have to check your mail to know if you will come with the summary page alone or email notification alone as different cadre with different requirements

Also you are to come along with the following document-

  • Originals of credentials (for sighting)
  • 2 sets of photocopies of credentials
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • certificate for medical fitness from a government hospital (for this please check your mail to see if your position request this otherwise do not come with it)

Physical Appearance of applicants: applicants are to appear with shorts, white round neck T-shirts, canvass and stocks

The following documents are applicable to

  1. OFFICER’S CADRE– NYSC Discharge certificate, Degree certificate, SSCE/or its Equivalent , FSLC/Testimonial, LGA, Birth certificate/Age declaration
  2. INSPECTORATE CADRE– NYSC Discharge certificate (ONLY HND HOLDERS), certificate (HND, ND, NCE, RN, CHEW etc, SSCE/or its Equivalent , FSLC/Testimonial, LGA, Birth certificate/Age declaration
  3. ROAD MARSHAL CADRE- SSCE/or its Equivalent , FSLC/Testimonial, LGA, Birth certificate/Age declaration, trade test for artisans, valid drivers’ license for all drivers



FRSC 2021/2022 Acknowledgement Slip/Summary Page: How to Print your FRSC Summary Page and Requirements for FRSC Interview


  1. please how will I know if my name is out for federal road safety. uwak Idongesit Andrew. 08146009572. thanks

    • If you applied under Road Marshal Assistance, get your documents ready and go for your screening today 27th Octber

  2. Pls i need a help i went for the screening at kd am i stil going to kd for interview cos im adamawa indigen

  3. Hello! Pls, i didn’t receive any mail for exam and interview but did
    the physical training at mary land.
    Kindly, pls guide through and keep me updated.


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