Closing Date for JAMB O’level Result Upload 2021/2022- Closing Date for Uploading of WAEC/NECO/NABTEB on JAMB Portal

Closing date for JAMB SSCE/O’Level  Result Upload 2021/2022- I know you have been looking for the closing date for the 2021/2022 JAMB O’Level (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) result uploading, are you scared that the deadline for the upload has passed, do you really want to know the closing/deadline for the JAMB result Uploading 2021/2022

JAMB and institutions has advised all 2021/2022 JAMB and POST UTME candidates who did not upload their O’Level (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) result during the online registration or candidates using awaiting result to upload their result now to qualify for the 2021/2022a Admission by university and JAMB (for your 2021 JAMB Admission Letter)

How to Upload your O’Level Result on JAMB Server or your JAMB Profile 2021/2022

  • Go to  an accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB office or JAMB registration centre/café nearest to you.
  • Ensure you go along with a copy of your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/NEBTEB etc) as well as the email address you used during the online registration
  • Also  ensure you go with JAMB profile Code ( to get it SMS “RESEND to 55019”)
  • Note: This will attract a fee  depending on the centre. The same fee is applicable to two sittings result.

Closing date of the JAMB Result Uploading 2021

The closing date for the uploading depends on your choice of institution (University), so we advise you do it before the admission list comes out because some universities have published their list ( OOA Admission list is out already)

Most institution have given their closing date for uploading of result like Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) gave a deadline  to upload O’level

In conclusion do not wait for your Institution to give deadline/closing date go how to upload your result, because it is one of the REQUIREMENTS TO GAIN ADMISSION THIS YEAR.

If you have been offered admission, CLICK HERE  accept your ADMISSION ON JAMB CAPS PORTAL


Closing Date for JAMB O’level Result Upload 2021/2022- Closing Date for Uploading of WAEC/NECO/NABTEB on JAMB Portal


    • Good and accept your admission on JAMB CAPS if it didn’t ask you to upload that means you have upload during registration, but if other wise go and upload it

  1. I have been admitted by my school but it haven’t reflected on jamb caps it still says not admitted (on caps) I have also uploaded my waec result but still no admission on jamb caps wat should I do?

    • Congratulations…. Don’t panic, it will be upload, the uploading is done in batches so exercise a little patience

  2. My document on my caps is only showing my registration number… My space for name date of birth and other documents….. What is the cause of it…. Is it because I haven’t re-upload my o level results for 2018

  3. My document on my caps is only showing my registration number… My space for name date of birth and other documents…is empty .. What is the cause of it…. Is it because I haven’t re-upload my o level results for 2018

  4. My school of choice sent me a message that if I haven’t upload my o level result I should do before there putme begins I checked my profile but no where that indicate where to upload result

  5. /Please i have been offered admission by oou but caps is still showing not admiited..Heard its because i didnt reupload my waec result..Can i still do it?

  6. I uploaded my result during registration but kasu send me a message saying that I should go and update my result I went to cbt center but I was told that is for those who haven’t upload during registration so please I want more details

  7. is the uploading of o level result for everybody or those that didn’t upload during registration and those that use awaiting? which pls

    • Those who are making use of awaiting result and those who have the result but did not upload during their online registration.

  8. i passed my cut off yet no admission. i uploaded my O level results during my registration but now some of my friends who have been admitted said they reuploaded. Thing is i did not get any text saying i should re upload

  9. i have register awaiting result nabteb GCE because my first o’leve i did not have mathe if i upload that my first, neco result am i going to admitted before that my nabteb GCE coming out

  10. Admissions have already been offered to some people. I passed the cut off mark for my course in my choice institution but I am yet to upload my o’level result. Consequently, I haven’t been given admission on CAPS. If I upload it tomorrow, is there still a chance of getting the admission?

  11. Admissions have already been offered to some people. I passed the cut off mark for my course in my choice institution but I am yet to upload my o’level result. Consequently, I haven’t been given admission on CAPS. If I upload it tomorrow, is there still a chance of getting the admission?

    • Login to your email address used to register JAMB to recover it from there or go back to your registration centre and ask for your password

  12. Please sir am scared
    I just uploaded my Waec result yesterday and my choice institution Alvan ikoku released their list on Saturday . But it haven’t reflected online.
    Please can I still be admitted!

    • Yes all 2018 jamb candidates who used awaiting result during online registration and those who have their result but did not upload it

  13. For me using awaiting result after uploading my result on jamb portal do i still need to upload it on my school of choice again?

    • No.. After uploading on JAMB portal, during your Post UTME application you will also upload your result, but if you used awaiting result, visit your school portal do re-upload

    • POST UTME result uploading and JAMB uploading are two different things. You must upload your result on JAMB portal. Kindly visit a JAMB CBT centre with your JAMB profile code and result to do that… Note charges apply

  14. Sir I uploaded my o level result when I did the registration, yesterday I received a massage telling me to upload my o level result on caps because its no on caps, I don’t understand, I know I uploaded it during the registration and its not even an awaiting result. Sir I can’t even find the option for uploading it.

    • Some of this SMS are from Cafe guys… But never the less you can visit a JAMB CBT centre to confirm or re-upload

  15. Hello sir/ma , can I still go for the re uploading because I use awaiting during my jamb registration but later went to upload it at one cyber cafe and my school admission list is out and my caps keep saying not admitted…..are we to go to the jamb CBT or any cyber cafe for the uploading of olevel result…..because right now I’m scared

  16. Hi…pls I can’t log into caps.. It keeps showing invalid password and ave changed d password over and over again… I registered in akwaibom state and am currently in Lagos state… Pls wat can I do

  17. I hav uploaded my result during my registration do i still need to upload on jamb caps?Although the admision is yet to b out am jst confused.thnk u sir

    • If you have uploaded during your online registration, you don’t need to re-upload. But if you have doubt, you can go and re-upload

  18. Good morning, I haven’t. Re uploaded my o level result but have been admitted through my caps do I still need to do the re uploading

  19. When is unijos releasing her admission please? And jamb point was 211 what is my stand of getting admission in accounting? Thank u!

  20. Helli sir i went to 2 CBTC center to upload my result they are saying there is no network & d problem is from jamb office.
    Sir is that true?

    • The network issue might be from JAMB doing maintenance, trying to clear some files so that new upload will be received. Go and try again another time

    • You will be offered admission in the next admission list coming out…. Do reply to us if you have gotten admission… Congratulation in advance… Team Spark Gist

    • Those who are using AWAITING result and those who have the result but didn’t upload during JAMB registration.

  21. pls sir, i upload my neco result when i register my jamb on the 15 of january, so, is it posible for i to go and re-upload it again? i have been checking my admision status on jamb caps, but what i have been seen is”sorry, no admision is giving yet” although, my school of choice has not start giving admision yet, but i am very sure there will be no problem.

  22. I have been offered admission by UNN, accepted the offer, made necessary payments and intend resuming next week,but have not been admitted by JAMB.I just realized that I have not uploaded my waec result, can I do that today and any implications?


  23. I have been offered admission in lautech and I have made the necessary payment but yet I have not being given admission by jamb I later realized that I have not re_uploaded my o,level result can I still do it on Monday

  24. I was told to upload my results nd I av done dat yet no admission…. Pls how long does it takes before it will change to ‘admitted’ coz Wat am seeing is not ‘admitted’

  25. Please, I have been trying to log in into my profile but it shows incorrect email and password and I used it to register for jamb and even just confirmed it.. Please it is urgent, I need it before Monday…And also is it in cyber cafe or cbt centres that i can I upload the results…..

  26. i’v uploaded my waec result and i checked the list of people that have not uploaded theirs and i saw my name their.

    what should i do

    • If you have uploaded your result, you don’t have anything to worry… The name will still be there that you have not uploaded because it is static on the website. Even if you have been offered admission if you still check that same list you name will still be there…

  27. Sir I want to upload my o’level result tomorrow and funaab has released their list yesterday,hope it isn’t too late?

  28. I haven’t uploaded my waec result to jamb portal and they have released their list yesterday,hope it isn’t too late to upload tomorrow?

  29. I uploaded my younger sister’s O’level result but she received a message that the transaction status is pending. What should I do now please?

    • If did not upload during registration you will upload, but if you have uploaded and you are sure no need of re-uploading

  30. Hi,I tried to upload my olevel result since last week Friday but they say the network is bad that I should come back on Monday 15/10/ today Monday 15/10/2018 I went back to upload it they still say the network problem….. Pls what should I do and its the only accredited centre we have here. Hope it’s not too late and can I still upload it, can it still be possible again?

  31. I haven’t re-upload my result yet ooo…but I uploaded it during registration…And jamb caps is saying not admitted…Should I still re-upload my waec result again

  32. Sir,I chose fuoye as my preferred choice of institution…
    Some aspirants have been offered admission but my caps status is still “not admitted”… Although my aggregate screening score is 63.75 and the cutt off mark for my course is 55%…
    So, I have re uploaded it today, hope it will still reflect on jamb portal and the school portal??

    • Yes ….. it depends on your institution to give you admission and send to JAMB for confirmation and admission letter

  33. I uploaded last three days and yet my status is still showing not admitted am aspiring for unizik. Was I too late to upload?

  34. have been given admission from sch(AUO) but jamb haven’t and the sch sent me a text to accept my jamb admission letter but nt sure if my result is uploaded ….Can i check it tomorrow if its likely have nt upload it and i upload it….wont it affect my jamb admission Letter?

    • Yes… Also check your JAMB CAPS to check if you have been given admission. If yes, you don’t need to re-upload

  35. Have been given admission from sch(AUO) and i was told to upload and accept my jamb offer of admission but i wasnt given yet ….Later i heard from people that is likely my result isnt uploaded….Can i do that today?….I hope is nt too late?….Cox it’s been like 2wks sch sent me the text

  36. good day sir, I’m an aspirant of unilag I keep on checking my caps and it tells me “error :admission not yet given”,the school has already started it’s screening and other registration, so I want to know my chances of still gaining admission
    Also sir you are doing a great job replying our comments, God bless you

    • Your institution has not yet considered you for admission, keep checking your CAPS and ensrue you have uploaded your O’level result on your JAMB Portal at any JAMB CBT around you.

      Thanks for the compliment….

  37. i have accept my addmission offer but when i check addmission status to print out the admission letter it shows no admission given yet……why is it like that pls

    • Did you accept it on JAMB CAPS portal? or your institution portal. If you don’t accept it on JAMB CAPS portal you will be unable to print out your ADMISSION LETTER.

  38. Can I still upload my o’level on jamb portal now, after the admission exercise at Yabatech. Is it only at JAMB CTB that the uploading can be done.

  39. I didn’t upload my result during registration but I uploaded it when jamb result was out in a registered CBT centre…. do i need to upload again??

    • For those who used awaiting result during JAMB registration.. Some applicants have their result but did not upload it during the registration. So if you fall into these categories you have been mandated to upload your olevel. If you are sure you uploaded it during registration do not upload or you can reupload again to remove doubt.

    • Admission consideration is done by your INSTITUTION, your JAMB score and post utme score as the case may be, not JAMB

  40. Have told by my school dat my name is on the admission list but can c it on jamb caps now I they I should go and upload my 0’level result again. if I do we jamb caps give me admission immediately

    • Keep checking your JAMB CAPS and hope you have the required score for admission consideration of your institution

  41. Good day sir!I score 208 in jamb and i did my post utme last two weeks at n.s.u.k..and i have not been offer admission,a friend of mine told me that it is bcoz i didn’t upload my result,pls is that the problem?If yes,can i then do it by monday?

  42. I am futa aspirant, I did my uploading today, and I score 64% in my putme. Is there still any chance for admission

    • Did you score the required mark for admission consideration in your institution. If yes you don’t have to panic, also you can try to re-upload your olevel

  43. hlo sir, am already offered admission frm my school but yet my jamb caps is still telling me not admitted and hav upload my o’level result

    • Ok awhile and constantly check your CAPS. If after 1 week of uploading and it is still showing NOT ADMITTED, go and re-upload

  44. av upload my result sir but wat is strange to me now is dat my jamb email and password aren’t login in my account am confused and is dsame one am using to login b4

  45. Hi,please can I use two sittings in the process of uploading my O level result because waec GCE is not out and I wanted use it instead of normal waec.

  46. I have uploaded my result on unilag portal but not on jamb portal…
    can this affect my admission?
    Can I be able to upload it now

  47. Am using correct email address and password to login to my jamb profile but am still getting invalid email or password. av tried several times to get reset link I don’t know y am not seeing jamb message on email and I need to do change of course b4 friday I need help

  48. Please I’m a fuoye applicAnt and I haven’t uploaded my jamb result on jamb portal ,can I still upload it?

  49. I have been admitted on jamb portal but not yet admitted from school (federal polytechnic ado ekiti), hope not the reuploading of olevel result is the cause.
    Because I haven’t re-upload
    Since I uploaded during jamb registration

  50. I have been admitted on jamb portal but not yet admitted on school portal,@ (FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ADO EKITI)
    Hope it not the re-upload of 0 level results is the cause because I don’t re-upload since I uploaded during jamb registration

  51. I uploaded my neco result yesterday, but my cap hasn’t change, plz wat should I do, and do I still gain a chance to be admitted?

  52. Hello sir! I found it difficult to upload my neco and the screen will start in school of my choice on 26 nov what to do?

  53. I have not uploaded my O’level till after jamb started offering admission to my school of choice candidates because I was not aware and after 2 days of upload my school released its first batch admission and I was among and they asked me to go along with my jamb admission letter on 26th November which I don’t have and till today if I checked my admission status it keeps showing me”sorry no admission is given yet” need help please I only got 4 days from now

  54. please I received a message now that I should reupload my result if I want to gain admission into Uniosun but the CBT centres in my area have closed. Hope it will not be too late if I upload it tomorrow

  55. Hi sir I uploaded my WAeC result since October but got to know that the CBT center didnt upload it, I went to another CBT center to upload it last week Friday,

  56. Just uploaded my waec yesterday , tho unilag has given me addmision for DE, tho its says not admitted on jamb caps
    Could I have been too late?

  57. Unilag had admitted me based on DE but still shows Not admitted on jamb caps!
    My bad just uploaded olevel yesterday
    Am I late?

  58. I havent uploaded mine yet,i thought the upload done during the screening covered it all and jamb has already released admission list for Uni Jos, and my status is “not admitted”.. Can i still do the upload now or is it too late?

  59. As in d prob is dat i upload waec result on jamb portal but i combained waec result with neco math on fuoye portal and i ddnt combine it on jamb portal altough i saw my screecning result on fuoye portal do i av to upload it on jamb portal again hope no probs cos my is still bringing not admitted

  60. If your school choice say ,u must upload your o level result this mean it ready to give u an admission????

  61. I forget to register with my result i use it as an awaiting result wil i allowed now to upload my result on jamb caps or it depends on the date for the uploading of the result pls sir reply me

  62. Hello sir,can i know the daedline of uploading result for D E? And uploading during weekend it’s available

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