Business idea- How to Start a Lucrative Business today with Small Amount of Capital and Earn Big

Many today think that starting a business requires millions or billions of naira or dollar to start. This is why many today will still remain in poverty, many will keep saying that the government is not working, many will still end up messing their lives up because they lack the ideology of starting a business with small amount.

Do you know that an average Nigerian has a minimum of $200 (convert to your currency) in their account, young men and women, both the so called students, but what are they doing with the money, do you know that such amount of money can make you rich throughout your life.

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A university student using a gadget of about 100,000 naira but has no investment or business or a source where the money will be replaced. Instead of making wise and judicious use of the money the waste such amount of money on drinking, buying of expensive phone etc.

On a daily basis companies are calling off their workers, cost of living in the country keeps going high like a man climbing a staircase. Many individuals have the capital to start up a business but they are waiting to millions to start, stop, read this article and have a rethink of what you can achieve with as low capital from 10,000 to 90,000.

We, Spark Gist have decided to carry out a research in the economy, country,  business ideas then came out with these little business ideas that will help you make good use of that little money you have left in your bank account.

Funny enough, these businesses are looked down on and trembled upon, many people are shy to do this business, but I tell you there are good revenue from these businesses.

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Before we continue I will like to explain to you what the word “he is rich or he has money”. Being rich is not you have money, yes money is involved but being rich is at any point in time you need something, you can afford it, be it something in tens or millions.

Now let’s go straight to the point

Restaurant business:

In life what keeps you healthy and moving is food, so no matter how the economy crashes, people must eat. A small capital of 60,000 can get you going, a nice location where people can locate the business, with a clean environment and a nice price tag.

Shawarma joint or mishai Joint:

This business is also like the restaurant business. Do you know that one Shawarma worth 1,000 at average cost? This business requires a perfect place like a school environment, popular junction in town, close to a popular joint in an urban setting. From research, female folks cannot stay in a place where there is Shawarma without asking for it.  With 50,000 you can start up this business and your bank account will keep smiling.


Snail farming is one of the businesses that people over look, not knowing how much a snail cost. It is easy, simple, stress free and economical because you don’t need any money for the feeding, no need to acquire land to start it because at your backyard you can start it.  With 45,000, you can start up a snail farm and become a supplier of snail to the country. Read more on snail farming.

Poultry farm:

Calculate the number of events in your calendar a year and see how lucrative a poultry business is. Calculate the cost of one bird and see how you don’t need a government salary increment to do whatever you want.  Maybe, you have not done the calculation. Do you know that within eight weeks you are already million with your poultry farm?  With 25,000 you are set to begin a poultry farm with a proper management.

Small Cyber café business centre:

This is also a lucrative business that you also need to consider to venture into. It requires a little task of friendly attitude or goo customer relationship, a perfect location, a laptop of 35,000 and a printer of 10,000, fan of 7,000, chairs and table of 12,000. Also you know that some of your customers will need other products like drinks, water, snacks, you can also attach that to it and as time goes on you increase, improve and get a power source i.e Generator.

Blogging/content publisher:

The world today needs information and needs to be connected to each other 24/7. This entails content publishing, sales of product, sales of materials for examination, project to make cool cash. You can also monetize you blog too. You can start this business with 20,000 (if you have laptop) or 65,000 without a laptop.

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Sports viewing centre:

Statistics have shown that young men and women of this generation love sports, especially soccer/football. This particular sports is now a trending sports in the country that you need to tap into and make money. Many individuals have television at home but prefer to go to the viewing centres to watch football match, so you see how lucrative this business is. You can start this business with the sum of 95,000, with a perfect location, you can also package by selling drinks etc.

Phone and phone accessories business:

The world to is now a global and an internet age, if you do not have a mobile phone at this era, it’s like you do not exist in this earth. Even children of 13-15years now have phone and want to get a phone. Also it is a law of gravity that “anything that goes up must surely come down”, so therefore if you have a phone, it is bound that your phone must have a problem or you want to package the phone with designs (found among the female folks). If you venture into selling of phones, repair/maintenance of phones, even sales of phone accessories (charger, USB cables, batteries, ear-piece, phone covers, screen guard) with 60,000, you must surely make cool cash.

Sales of Okirika:

Do you know that some of the expensive cloths you buy are refined okirika clothes, but you buy them with huge amount of money. All you need in this business is packaging and convincing attitude (optional). You can start this with only 20,000

Bead making:

On a daily basis, the demand for bead is high, this is mostly found among females usually during an important occasion to look beautiful. This type of business does not require any location or environment, inside your room you can start up a bead business. All it requires is to know the skills on how to make it in different beautiful shapes, forms and well packaged, this is what will determine how fast you make money from it.

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Note– you can make a lot of revenue from these businesses, if you have the right location, your nice packaging skills, good marketing strategy and stability toward the business at the first stage.

These are some business ideas you can venture into with little capital you have with you. If you have other business idea(s) outside the above listed ones,  please drop the full detail and capital to start it in the comment box below.

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