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Then proceed to BANK OF INDUSTRY LOAN CENTER to see the Eight (8) things you should know before you commence your application on this platform.

In fact, before you go further, here are some of the FAQs about Bank of Industry Grant.      How long does BOI loan approval take?

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Eight (8) Important Things to Note about Bank of Industry Loan Application Form before you Start your registration on BOI Loan Application Portal


The bank of industry targets businesses that engage in manufacturing and processing activities. Target sub-sectors include Agro-processing, Solid Minerals, Information Technology, Oil and Gas and Creative Industry. Please click here to see list of SME product clusters that BOI supports. If your product is not listed here and you think it should, please provide information on your product here for review by our technical team.

Entities that BOI Finances 

Bank of industry only finances enterprises or companies and not an individual person or group of persons. The company / enterprise must be duly registered and you will be required to provide the registration number for a Limited Liability Company or business name for an enterprise before you can proceed with your application.

Items that BOI can finance 

The bank is principally set up to finance industrial equipment used in manufacturing. The Bank does not finance land and building which are expected to be financed from equity. You can also access your working capital requirements from any of the ten (10) SME friendly banks that Bank of Industry partners with at Monetary Policy Rate plus 6 percent.

Mode of disbursement 

The bank does not disburse the loan to the borrower in cash but to the vendors and suppliers of the equipment that the loan application is for.

Amount that can be financed by BOI 

BOI’s loan support to the SME starts from N5 million. However, loan below N5 million are provided on our matching fund platform which is operated in collaboration with various state governments and on our Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) scheme which is operated through MicroFinance Banks. Please click here to see how you can apply under the BOI matching Fund or the BOP scheme.

Collateral requirements 

As part of the fiduciary responsibility in managing funds under its care, Bank of industry requires that you pledge some assets to secure you loan. However, the Bank also accepts other forms of security subject to adequate coverage of the loan being provided to you.

Types of security the Bank accepts include:

  • Legal mortgage on a landed property. The property must be duly registered with a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Debenture on assets of the company
  • Bank Guarantee
  • External Guarantors with Notarized statement of Networth for loans below N10 million.

Please note that the Bank is willing to share assets previously pledged to other lenders provided the Bank’s loan is adequately covered in the arrangement. Also note that the Bank is willing to accept third party collateral.

Startup businesses  While the Bank under its general risk acceptance criteria requires a prospective borrower to have at least three years acceptable performance track record, it can also lend to start-ups at its discretion and on a case-by-case basis. A startup would need to provide proof of cognate experience in its business area and would need to have a highly qualified management and operational team with sound management structure.

You need to support your application with some documents  Please click here to see the list of the documents you should be prepared to upload while you apply on this platform.

Step #1: Is your company registered?  Click on Yes (Because on those whom there business are registered are allow to apply for this loan).

Step #2: How much do you want to loan?  Select How much you want to loan ( Minimum of #5,000,000 and Maximum of #500,000,000)

Step #3: Enter your business entity Name and the Type of entity?  i.e. the name of your business and the kind of business you are running ( Enterprise, Cooperative, Limited Liability, Public Limited Company).

Step #4: Incoperation / Registration No and Date of incoperation  Your RC No. and the date you got registered.

Step #5: Business status  Is your currently Statup status or is it under Expansion status. And then have you obtained the requisite regulatory certification(s)/license(s) for the product(s)/service(s) where applicable? YES/NO.

Step #6: Indicate the purpose/utilization of the proposed loan  i.e. (Plant and Machinery, Utilities (Generator, Transformer, Working Capital (Raw Materials/ consumables).

Step #7: What is your proposed security for the loan  Landed property(ies) in an urban area with valid title documents, Bank Guarantee from a Commercial Bank, Guarantors or Others as you’re required to specified.

Step #8: Contact Person  Enter your Full Name, Email, Address, Phone Number and Password.

Step #9: Filling other information’s required

Step #10: Register  BOI Loan Application Form Requirements

Click on any of the link below depending on your type of entity and the kind of loan you want to apply for.



How to Login to Bank of Industry Loan Application Portal 2021/2022

After you must have registered you can now go to 

ii. Enter your Email and Password

iii. Then after, Click on Login.  Note: Only candidates who have verify their email account is allowed to logged in.

BOI Loan Application Portal Closing date

The closing date for these BOI application form is NOT YET SPECIFIED.


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