ATM Card Update- My Debit card was stuck/seized in the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) – What to do

Have you ever been in need of cash and you walked straight to the ATM, but your card was seized, how do you feel about it very sad right?


Statistics have shown that about 93% of individuals that have bank account make use of their Debit card (ATM card) on a daily basis either to withdraw cash, pay bill, transfer from one account to another, buy airtime etc.

Since this much number of persons makes use of their ATM card on a daily basis, there is very possibilities that ATM card will be seized by the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) due to some factors like ATM malfunctioning, incorrect pin, damaged,  pressure from people on queue etc.


Do you know that statistics have shown also that about 20% of ATM card used got seized on a daily basis this has been a serious issues affect many Nigerians today every day.

If your card is still stuck in the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), below is the right thing to do.

Wait patiently for 15-20 min: waiting for such a time, It is possible that the ATM machine will reboot on its’ own and your card would be spilled out. Though this was not what you wanted to hear but it might be a good option and will work for you.

Go to the bank’s customer care session to make a complain: If the first option did not work for you, go straight to the bank at the customer care session and lay a complain that your card was seized by the ATM. Note- this complaint should be done at the particular bank your card was stuck.

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Note the place, location and time the card got stuck:  At the bank you will be asked some details to ascertain that the card is truly yours. Questions like the name on the card, where the card was seized, time and location. If the information provided is correct, your card will be retrieved for you.

Piece of advice, before making use of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), make sure your card has not expire, you have the correct pin and don’t be pressurized when using the ATM

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Please all complain should be made inside the bank and not to any ATM operator or security personnel in the bank premises.

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