Agricultural Economics and Extension Project Topics and Material: Faculty of Agriculture

Agric-Economics and Extension Project Topics- This post contains the list of project topics especially for the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension the Faculty of Agriculture. For all students in Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension looking for final year project topics to submit to your project supervisors for approval, this article cover different project topics for the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension.


  1. Competence in management and training of local farmers
  2. The problems and prospects of local farmers
  3. A study on the effect of crude oil spillage on agricultural farm land in Emohua Local Government Area, Rivers State
  4. The needs and maintenance of agricultural output in Nigeria
  5. A study on the growth of Nigerian economy through agricultural development
  6. The impact of extension workers on agricultural produce productivity of a local farmer in Nigeria
  7. Adaptation strategies to climate variability among arable crop farmers in rivers state
  8. Financing Agricultrue and its impact in Nigerian economic growth
  9. Access to loans and efficiency in produce in delta state
  10. The effect of Neembiopesticide on grasshoppers
  11. A study on the effects of rural-urban migration on agricultural production
  12. Prospects on economic and welfare values of fish in Nigeria (a case study of Bayelsa State)
  13. The level of community participation in the conservation of agricultural produce in Emohua Local Government Area, River State
  14. Strategic means of involving rural farmers in agricultural biodiversity conservation in Anambra State, Nigeria
  15. The prospects and problems of small scale fish farmers
  16. The roles of agricultural extension workers in educating farmers in cassava production
  17. A study on the roles of rural women farmers on the economic development of Rivers State
  18. The reasons for low production of agricultural produce in Nigeria
  19. The effect of inflation and interest rate on agricultural productivity in Nigeria from 2002 – 2017
  20. Motivations of farmers through farm produce productivity and agricultural bank/commercial banks
  21. Observable problems and solutions to local farmers  in Nigeria


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