10 Reasons why you were not SHORTLISTED for that SCHOLARSHIP you applied for

Reasons behind why you were not shortlisted by any scholarship provider- Scholarships are being awarded every year to students to help support their academic race, but many qualified and eligible students do not get the scholarship because they neglect little things; which is why this post was created to unveil such mistakes, error, missteps.

All that applied expects to be shortlisted after the application, it feels good to be shortlisted. The scheme helps the beneficiaries to save money since there is an available funding. It also saves the stress of looking for funds for students who try and sponsor themselves.

But, when an applicant’s name is not shortlisted, it makes the applicant feel discouraged but there is always a reason why it is so. There are lots of reasons why some applicants are not shortlisted and in this post you will get to know why and how to correct the mistakes.

This post will really help to expose you on the steps you should take to avoid these mistakes. If you have applied correctly, then your name should be shortlisted. Carefully read through the reasons below and stick to the instruction then you don’t have any more problems.




Most applicants go ahead to apply for any available scholarship without even carefully going through the eligibility. They don’t know what they need to apply and other required details. Eligibility is the first stage of the application, without been eligible for the scholarship then your application can not be previewed and approved.


After checking your eligibility and confirming you are eligible the next thing you should do is carefully go through the list of the required documents that is required for successful application. Also make sure you are familiar with all the documents and that the documents are all available, then proceed to applying.

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Most application portals are logical in the sense that you need to be very vigilant so that you don’t miss a step you are suppose to fill. Once you have started the process make sure to go through all the steps from the start to the finish without skipping any step. After filling a step you should look for a “save and continue” or “continue” button to be sure not to skip a stage. In some cases you can save and continue later, in this case make sure to return and complete the process.


Most persons fall victim to this problem, they start the application at the last minute. You should know that at this point when the application is almost ending, the portal is usually shaky and very unstable and in most cases, the portal could be disabled earlier before the announced date and time. So to avoid the last minute rush and tension, you should apply immediately the commencing of the application. This is also important because early submission of the application attracts early review and approval of your application.


Once you start the process, you should make sure to be precise and accurate with all information you provide during the process. It is not certain to avoid mistakes, this is why you need to preview the application page (s) before submission to avoid or correct any mistakes or errors. Take note: always preview before submission.


This is a serious problem most people face, every scholarship has an approved portal for submitting applications, so before signing up and starting with your application process make sure you got through the authorized web portal. Take note, every scholarship application that is advertized here comes with the authorized link for submission. Always make sure you go through this authorized link to submit your application for review and approval.


You have to make sure that you don’t use an already existing essay or comprehension during any application; this will automatically disqualify your application from being approved. Most people will just go online and search for sample essays and comprehensions or copy form others in order to save their time and energy but be warned this is a way of disqualifying yourself. Stay away from used materials and make sure your essay or comprehension is original and unique, write it yourself!


While scanning your documents for the application make sure you do a proper scanning and make sure that the files are brightly and clearly showing on your screen. If after resizing your files or documents they appear to be faint, re-scan and resize to avoid upload of unclear files.


In the case where you need to send your scanned files or documents to an email address to be considered for a scholarship, make sure you get the correct email address and send your documents to that email. It is only when you send your files to the correct email address that you can be considered and shortlisted. Make sure not to fall victim.


Most people think little mistakes don’t count but unfortunately they are the beginning of failure. In signing up make sure you provide your details correctly. Give an existing and effecting phone number and email because you will be contacted through any of these for new updates. If you don’t access to your email address then there is no need to use such email address since you need to login in to the email for further instruction.

Apart from the contact details, make sure all other information you provide are all accurate and complete, information like your full name as it appears on your documents, your correct date of birth as it appears on your birth certificate or declaration of age. If you follow these simple steps then the possibility of finding your name on the shortlisted list and getting the scholarship is sure. We wish you all the best.

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