CBN Non-Interest Loan 2023 – How To Apply

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CBN non- interest loan Application Form 2023 – The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in partnership with  NIRSAL Micro Finance Bank has approved and opened a non-interest facility loan. Basically, this loan is available for households, AGSMEIS, and SMEs. So if you are interested, and fall into any of these categories, the information below will guide you on how to apply for a CBN Non-interest loan.

How To Apply For CBN Non-Interest Loan 2023

If you want to apply for a CBN Non-interest loan for households and SMEs, here’s what to do:

1. First, start by going to the NIRSAL microfinance website

2. Next, tap on “Apply for Non-Interest Facility”. When you tap that, it will provide you with two options. These options are “NON-INTEREST TCF” and “NON_INTEREST AGSMEIS“. Click on the “NON-INTEREST TCF” tab.

3. Once you tab the NON-INTEREST TCF tab, you will see two options: Household facility and SME facility. Pick the option that is most appropriate for you. Thereafter, you can start the registration properly.

4. You will be asked if you are just a new applicant or returning to your previous application. If you are applying for the first time, select “New Applicant”.

5. Next, move ahead to input your BVN. This will automatically produce some of your details. Fill in the empty fields required with your other details.

If your application is successful, you should receive a congratulatory message for applying successfully. If you have a business that you have registered with CAC, you can opt for the SME facility. You just need your business’ TIN number and other information related to the CAC registration.