Tips on How to Survive the Economic Hardship in Nigeria


The economic state of the Nigeria now is no doubt   Nigerians reasons to worry. How has the mighty fallen. It is no longer news that many individuals today loss their jobs, source of livelihood, homes, spouses, including their lives due to the situation of the country every day.

Most times we feel frustrated because the policy makers (politicians) do not seem to be making the matter better, as they are still gathering and looting, but during campaign promise heaven on earth for the people.

Cost of living keeps getting high on daily basis, the average man cannot afford to feed twice a day, people find it difficult to move from place to place, rent increases, robbery increases, death and frustration keeps ravaging the country.

In the midst of this hardship, many individuals are still living their lives to the how they wanted it, they make the effort to ensure that the economic meltdown of the country do not affect their livelihood or affect their well begin in any case.

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Before we go into some tips that will help you survive the hardship in Nigeria, we will like to share some things that will help you practice the steps, they include;

Be kind to people.

Don’t go to bed angry or hungry.

Even in difficult times, always smile

Surround yourself with friends who are positive in thinking, action always.

Be thankful and grateful for all the things you have at the moment.

Love yourself and others, also fall in love.

If you are not happy, pretend to be happy till you eventually become happy. Remember happiness is a choice. Do what makes you happy, always remember you deserve to be happy.

Always pray

Tips on How to Survive  the Economic Hardship

  1. Set up an alternative business or start-up something– think of something, it could be selling products or rendering services (an average cab driver makes #25,000 a week, approximately he makes #100,000 a month). Most people say they cannot go into such a business because they are ashamed of what their friends will say.

  2. Eat healthy, exercise regularly– In other to make any headway your body system must be fully functional, hence it is important to eat healthy no matter how little and exercise so as to keep your body and brain in perfect condition so as to be able to do what is written in number 2 above.

  3. Invest wisely: You are advised to invest your money in your business or other persons business that will profit your. Invest wisely today. Let money be your servant as a wise man said

  4. Reading frequently and be enlightened: Indeed knowledge is power. You have to keep reading to be on your a game, keep striving for new information/ideas that would benefit the society and you.

  5. Get Socialize: Ensure you make conscious efforts to meet people every day, not making friends or meeting people but, people who will add value to your life or your idea. Let your friends be determined to make it big in life. Social media today can help advertise your business or ideas. Also social media can aid to gain the employment you need.

  6. Cut down expenses and invest

  7. Think of  new ideas

Most importantly keep reading Spark Gist updates on job opportunities and many more.

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