Steps on How to make a Wonderful Interview or Defence Presentation- Presentation Tips and Template

Steps to a successful interview or defence presentation-First what is a successful Presentation? Presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. It is typically a demonstration, introduction, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade etc. Presentation is a speech or lecture or display made to enlighten, teach, educate, create awareness to audience on a new products or topic in other to achieve a set goal.

For those finding it difficult to make a presentation due one deficiency or the other or about to make an I.T defence, final Project or thesis defence/presentation, Job interview, any thing that requires your to talk in public or to an audience, Job employee etc, ensure you carefully read this article as it has a well explained strategies on how to make a wonderful presentation even if you have stage fright or have not done any presentation before.

Types of presentation

Presentation can come in different forms or types, depending on the need to be satisfied. It could be

  1. Sale presentation
  2. Lecture presentation
  3. Business presentation
  4. Campaign presentation
  5. Company presentation
  6. Film presentation
  7. IT presentation
  8. Project presentation etc

Effective presentation- Tips for effective presentation

  1. Knowledge of your topic: Knowing your topic is the first tip of any presentation, before you stand for any presentation, ensure you do some research on your topic, do many survey, look at works of those who are higher than you in the field. You have to convince yourself before you convince others (audience). So that when you stand to present, you will not be beating round the bushing.
  2. Script it: Most presenters fail to script their presentation down before going in for presentation. Before you go for any presentation, take out time to pen down all your research, survey, your work to be presented. By so doing it gives your work/presentation structure, shape, makes it easy and KISS- Keep It Short and Simple.
  3. Know your script: Do not cram your script or memorize it, let your work be with and in you. Knowing your script will make you overcome nervousness, tension, stage frightening etc. You have to practice your script to make it part of you.
  4. Practice: Practicing your script always is the keep to a perfect presentation. You cannot have enough practice, you can practice your script on a mirror, with friends etc so that you will become acquitted with your work. Through constant practice, it will be believable and you audience will see that it is not only the work you are presenting, but you showcasing in the work.
  5. Smiling: Smiling during presentation makes you relax your nerves, mind, take charge and control of your presentation/stage, keeps you audience in suspense and also making your audience think about why you smile or what’s on your mind.
  6. Breathing: Breathing helps to calm your nerves. Breath controlling during presentation is very important. Your breathing tells the audience your emotional gauge. Breathing to fast (panting) during presentation destabilizes you and increase your level of tenseness.
  7. Overcoming nervousness: Nervousness or tension or stage fright is an energy that needs to be transformed. This energy is in all presenters whether professional or learner. Being nervous shows that you have energy in you, but you need to utilize it in a positive direction, properly and in the right way. Nervousness can come in different ways to different individuals, you have to find yours and learn to change the negative direction of this tenseness and make it creatively into a positive energy
  8. Body language: Body language is a very big entity on its own; this is another article on its own. Your body language during presentation matters a lot. The way your body moves should go with what you say, expression etc. for example, I feel great today! Or I feel great today. The exclamation shows you in the first sentence show you moved your body to express the greatness, but the other sentence shows no action. The body movement is achieved by constant practice. Body language could be the way you stand, sit, move during your talk etc.
  9. Diction: Diction also is a wide tip to discuss on presentation. During presentation you should be heard, your words should be understood clearly. Spend time to know that your words are heard by your audience. In diction also, you must learn how to hold the public address system, learn to add annexation, inflection of language, how to use exclamation signs when need or necessary.

In conclusion to tips of presentation, you have to be authentic in your presentation. Be yourself during your presentation; do not try to mimic another person. Always know that you are the one presenting and anything you do is on you. SO BE REAL to your listeners.

Hope you learnt a lot on tips on how to make a good and perfect presentation. NOTE that this page would be updated from time to time with more information on things that will aid you to achieve a successful presentation.

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Steps to a successful interview or defence presentation- presentation tips and template 2018


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