Send Money in EUR or GBP using Geegpay easily – See How to Transfer money on Geegpay

How to Transfer money on Geegpay – Create account with Geegpay and enjoy sending Money in EUR or GBP using Geegpay Account. This article is all about How to transfer Money in EUR or GBP using Geegpay. Send money using GEEGPAY app easily

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Free transfers with Geegpay

Remember those days when having a foreign bank account felt like luxury? Thanks to Geegpay’s multi-currency account, anyone can now hold, send and receive foreign currency from the comfort of their homes.

In addition to the currencies on the app, you can now make EUR and GBP payments with Geegpay.

That means, you can be sipping coffee in Lagos and booking a weekend getaway in Amsterdam, paying a supplier in Italy, and sending money to a loved one in the UK.

With Geegpay’s EUR and GBP feature, you can:

  • Pay and get paid in Euros and GBP instantly: Whether you’re a traveller, student, international business owner, or online shopper, Geegpay makes sending and receiving EUR and GBP a breeze.
  • Skip the currency conversion hassle: See our competitive exchange rates upfront before you make a transfer, so you know exactly how much you’re sending.
  • Enjoy low transaction costs: Geegpay won’t charge you monthly fees for sending money, and you only pay 0.35% for your EUR and GBP transfers, with a minimum of 4 USD.

Amazing, right? If you haven’t tried it out yet, here’s how to send money in EUR or GBP using Geegpay:

  • Log in to the app
  • Select “Send money”
  • Select “Add a new recipient”
  • Select “Bank transfer” and the currency
  • Enter recipients details and tap “Save beneficiary”
  • Enter the amount and submit