One Secret to Become Successful in Life – The Secret

Many people today are embedded with numerous potentials that is equivalent or greater than that of the richest man or woman in the world, but they don’t know and it lies there buried looking at you waiting for the day you will pick it up, hoping that one day it may actualize itself in you.


Success does not mean you will kill yourself to be promoted or recognized or live well or be among the top listed in this world. People use to say if you don’t work hard you won’t make it in life”, but thousands of individuals today misquote the word “HARD WORK”.

They now turn it to working 14 hours a day and making thousands (money) or suffering, tolling every second to be successful no, that is not it.

If a man works 12 hours to make $1,000 and another man works for just 1 hour to make the same $1,000 which one of them would you say worked hard, of course its the one  that works for an hour to make $1,000. Then why then do you tag hard work as tolling your whole life out just to make a fortune of an hour. You have to stop working hard and work smart.

You have to sit back, sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and ask yourself some question(s), how cowbell became what they are today IDEA, how Dangote became the African’s richest man today IDEA, how Bill Gate came up with Microsoft today IDEA to mention a few you know.

All these people like you they have what you have ” No one was born a genius” you attach that to your name if you stand out. All you need is just one idea and you will be known.  Someone sat down to write computer programme which we make use of today – idea. Someone sat down to write tom and Jerry cartoon that children love – idea. All the famous names all started with an idea.

I asked someone a question, what do you want to achieve in this life and guest the his answer “WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE IS THAT ANY TIME I TYPE MY NAME IN MICROSOFT WORD, IT WILL NOT BE HIGHLIGHTED AS AN ERROR”  funny right but it’s what doing.

Have you looked at the successful people in this life, did you see any government emblem on them,  no they started it in their own. They had the idea, brought it out, analyze it, and put it to practice and here they are.

Stop saying the government did not provide job for you,  billions of individuals in the world and few government agencies, how will they employ you, they can’t. Stop waiting for the government do something bring out some innovation into the society.

Create your own idea. It is idea that rules the world today, it was through ideas that the electronic we enjoy today was made, it was also through ideas that the world has advanced to this and there are more and more ideas deposited in every individual.

How to you thing boats and ship came into existence IDEA. Someone designed a canoe from wood, and later on someone used rubber and metal, again someone added engine to it all these are all ideas. So make something out of nothing or existing things

Entrepreneurs today contributes heavily in any economy, start from some where, soap making that you are neglecting, don’t worry very soon Dangote will open a soap company then you will know the fortunes in it.

Start up something today….

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  1. Thanks a lot for this exposure. The truth is a lot of persons do not realize their potentials on time. A wise man once said take go to the grave yard and there you will find thousands of wasted or neglected ideas.
    Work today while we still have the breath of life. Success will be ours by God’s divine mercy and grace. Thanks Spark Gist.
    Great site for everyone.

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