Ondo State University of Science and Technology Recruitment 2018- Apply for OSUSTECH Academic Staff Recruitment 2018

OSUSTECH is recruiting for Academic Staff positions, the Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) Recruitment 2018. Applications are now invited from qualified and interested candidates.

OSUSTECH is recruiting massively, now accepting application from interested and qualified applicants, here I will all available jobs vacancies and requirements involves.

Available job vacancies to apply for

  1. Assistant Lecturer (Civil Engineering)
  2. Assistant Lecturer (Electrical Electronics)
  3. Assistant Lecturer (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  4. Assistant Lecturer (Food Science Technology)
  5. Assistant Lecturer (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  6. Assistant Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
  7. Deputy Registrar
  8. Lecturer I (Agricultural Economics and Extension)
  9. Lecturer I (Animal Production and Health)
  10. Lecturer I (Business and Entrepreneurial Studies)
  11. Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)
  12. Lecturer I (Computer Science)
  13. Lecturer I (Crop Science and Pest Management)
  14. Lecturer I (Electrical Electronics)
  15. Lecturer I (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  16. Lecturer I (Food Science Technology)
  17. Lecturer I (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  18. Lecturer I (Geophysics)
  19. Lecturer I (Mathematics)
  20. Lecturer I (Mechanical Engineering)
  21. Lecturer I (Physics)
  22. Lecturer I (Statistics)
  23. Lecturer II (Agricultural Economics and Extension)
  24. Lecturer II (Animal Production and Health)
  25. Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)
  26. Lecturer II (Crop Science and Pest Management)
  27. Lecturer II (Electrical Electronics)
  28. Lecturer II (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  29. Lecturer II (Food Science Technology)
  30. Lecturer II (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  31. Lecturer II (Mechanical Engineering)
  32. Professor (Agricultural Economics and Extension)
  33. Professor (Animal Production and Health)
  34. Professor (Biochemistry)
  35. Professor (Botany)
  36. Professor (Business and Entrepreneurial Studies)
  37. Professor (Civil Engineering)
  38. Professor (Computer Science)
  39. Professor (Crop Science and Pest Management)
  40. Professor (Electrical Electronics)
  41. Professor (English)
  42. Professor (Fisheries and Acquaculture)
  43. Professor (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  44. Professor (Food Science Technology)
  45. Professor (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  46. Professor (Geophysics)
  47. Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
  48. Professor (Mathematics)
  49. Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
  50. Professor (Microbiology)
  51. Professor (Philosophy)
  52. Professor (Physics)
  53. Professor (Statistics)
  54. Professor (Zoology)
  55. Reader (Agricultural Economics and Extension)
  56. Reader (Animal Production and Health)
  57. Reader (Biochemistry)
  58. Reader (Botany)
  59. Reader (Business and Entrepreneurial Studies)
  60. Reader (Civil Engineering)
  61. Reader (Computer Science)
  62. Reader (Crop Science and Pest Management)
  63. Reader (Electrical Electronics)
  64. Reader (English)
  65. Reader (Fisheries and Acquaculture)
  66. Reader (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  67. Reader (Food Science Technology)
  68. Reader (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  69. Reader (Geophysics)
  70. Reader (Industrial Chemistry)
  71. Reader (Mathematics)
  72. Reader (Mechanical Engineering)
  73. Reader (Microbiology)
  74. Reader (Philosophy)
  75. Reader (Physics)
  76. Reader (Statistics)
  77. Reader (Zoology)
  78. Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Economics and Extension)
  79. Senior Lecturer (Animal Production and Health)
  80. Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)
  81. Senior Lecturer (Botany)
  82. Senior Lecturer (Business and Entrepreneurial Studies)
  83. Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)
  84. Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)
  85. Senior Lecturer (Crop Science and Pest Management)
  86. Senior Lecturer (Electrical Electronics)
  87. Senior Lecturer (English)
  88. Senior Lecturer (Fisheries and Acquaculture)
  89. Senior Lecturer (Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
  90. Senior Lecturer (Food Science Technology)
  91. Senior Lecturer (Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Management)
  92. Senior Lecturer (Geophysics)
  93. Senior Lecturer (Industrial Chemistry)
  94. Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)
  95. Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
  96. Senior Lecturer (Microbiology)
  97. Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
  98. Senior Lecturer (Physics)
  99. Senior Lecturer (Statistics)
  100. Senior Lecturer (Zoology)

Requirements for OSUSTECH Academic Staff Recruitment 2018

  1. Candidates must possess a minimum of Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree
  2. Candidates to possess a minimum of Ph.D in the relevant fields is for Professors and Senior Lecturers
  3. Candidates must possess NYSC discharge Certificate or Exemption letter
  4. For professors and Senior Lecturers they must have at least 3 years of teaching and research experience in the University system as well as some scholarly publications in recognized journals.

How to apply for OSUSTECH Recruitment for Academic Staff

  1. Visit
  2. Select the “Job Category” of your choice to view the requirements
  3. Use the apply icon at the right hand side to start your application.
  4. The on-line Application, when completed and submitted, a unique identification number would be assigned to the applicant.
  5. Your Identification  number should be written on the hard copy application to be forwarded to the University.

Forward the typed and duly signed Application with 20 copies of Curriculum Vitae to:

The Registrar,
Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH),
P.M.B 353, Okitipupa,
Ondo State,

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