Npower Pre Selection List 2017 and Physical verification questions asked by applicants and their answers

Npower Recruitment batch C registration
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Some Question NPower Applicants ask and their answers- We hope you are having a wonderful day, well this article is to review some likely and most questions Npower applicants/candidates frequently ask and answers to their questions.

The 2017 Npower has raised a lot of questions among the 2.5 million applicants who applied for the scheme. Many applicants have checked their name on the list, but could not see their name which means they were not shortlisted for the programme while some were lucky to be shortlisted.

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If you where not shortlisted click here to know why

If you have not check your name on the list also click here do to so

Therefore, we will attempt to answer some of the questions that our numerous readers have raised.

Question 1: Is the Npower Scheme Real?

Well the Npower scheme is very much A REAL progrmme of the FG.  The testimonies of the 2016 Npower beneficiaries (CLICK HERE) reveal so much that the program is real. Just because 2.5 million applicants applied and not all was selected does not make the programme false or dispute the transparency of the Npower FG programme.

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Question 2: Will another Npower Batch B List  be released?

We will be sincere to you, we advise that you do not wait for another batch of the 201 Npower list. It appears that Npower has released the full, total list of shortlisted candidates (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STATISTICS). But you can continue to check the list till the Physical verification date, who knows, the list might be updated.

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Question 3:  Why was I not shortlisted/ why is my name not on the Npower list?

This is the highest and most frequent question Npower applicants ask, well we do not have much or concrete answer to that question, because selection criterion used was undisclosed. But we believe mostly that you not been selected might be as a result of the residence you filled during registration. We have noticed that majority of the selected applicants where individuals that reside in the rural areas of the country.

WARNING– This is just a speculation, which might be true or false.

Question 4: applicants that did not write the online assessment test were they shortlisted?

The answer to this question is NO. The processes for selection into the Npower programme are CLICK HERE.  Only those applicants who wrote the test were shortlisted for Npower.

Question 5: For my physical verification, do I need my secondary school result?


Question 6: will my course of study affect my physical verification example I studied petroleum engineering and I applied to Npower Teach?

Note- Npower is not course of study specific but personal interest. So as long as you are interested in such area you applied for. If you have applied for Npower Teach and you studied Agriculture in tertiary institution that will not affect your physical verification process. The only thing that will affect your verification is what we have listed in our previous article CLICK HERE

Question 7: I don’t have NYSC call up letter but I have nysc exemption letter, will it be accepted for physical verification?

Sure, your exemption letter will be accepted for the physical verification process

Question 8: After the congratulations message what next

After seeing a congratulatory message on the pre selection box stating that details on my physical verification will be communicated to me later, but haven’t received any email or message concerning N power till now?


Please the question(s) you have in mind is not listed above do not panic, just leave a comment of such question(s) in the comment box below and we will be glad to answer it and regularly update this post with new applicant’s question(s) and answer(s).

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