Npower 2017 Beneficiaries who are yet to be Deployed or Have not Received Posting Letter- See What to do

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Npower 2017 Beneficiaries Not yet deployed or Not received Posting Letter:  This post is for all 2017 Npower beneficiaries yet to be deployed. We know that some applicants have not received their Npower posting Letter for Deployment that is why this post is published. If you have any person or you know anyone who has not received his/her 2017 Npower Posting letter, please share this post with such person and save him/her his/her Job.

Don’t panic if you have not received your Npower Posting Letter up till this point. Don’t worry you have not been disqualified from the programme. Ensure you read this post carefully to get guide on what to to.

What is the meaning and importance of the Npower Letter

The Npower letter is a document that shows you have been finally selected or a beneficiary of the 2017 Npower scheme, also welcoming you onboard to the Npower FG programme.

It’s like a mini appointment letter which spelt out the terms and conditions of service as well as your line of duty m that is your Primary Place of Assignment (where you have been posted to service).  You are expected to keep and handle this document carefully intact, as any alteration renders the letter null and void.

Note- You are to sign, stamp and upload this document on your Npower Profile portal

You are entitled to submit a photocopy of it at the place of your primary assignment signed and stamped as well.

On signing and stamping this document you accept your job and primary place of assignment, take full charge of your responsibilities as a volunteer member.

What to do if I have not received my  Npower Posting Letter

Last night during the LIVE chat, Mr. Imoukhuede said that the 2017 beneficiaries who are yet to be deployed can send emails to

After Resolving Your Posting Issues Click Here to Upload your Letter

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