N-Power Assessment and Screening Test Result 2017 is out and List – Check Yours


The 2017 N-Power Assessment and Screening Test conducted in batches starting with N-Power Tax, many applicants have been eager to know their N-Power Assessment and Screening Test Result.

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Well the result is out but it cannot be seen on like the previous N-Power Recruitment, but to know that you passed the N-Power Assessment and Screening Test, you will have to enter the next stage of the N-Power which is Device selection.

In this stage your portal will be eligible to select a device of your choice for the N-Power Programme. Once you are able to access this portal, automatically you have seen your result for the N-Power Assessment and Screening Test.

How To Check your 2017 N-Power Assessment and Screening Test Result

Remember that during your online assessment and screening test, on logging in to your test page, their was a provision for SELECT DEVICE and if you tried it then you will see different varieties of devices ranging from Samsung tablet etc. if you have tried to choose any and save it will show invalid or error which means you don’t have a result yet.


Knowing result is simple, you will get a text massage directing you to and select a device of your choice. On receiving this you have passed the Assessment and Screening Test. Some may not receive due to network or some other factors, kindly follow the steps:

Login to your test portal

Input your phone number and BVN

Go to device selection

Choose the device of your choice


Note: if you passed,  it will save and will load to the next. You will have to wait for the next step

  • Application – Done
  • BVN Validation –  Done
  • Test – Done
  • Device Selection – Loading
  • Pre selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment


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Congratulations to those who passed the 2017 N-Power Assessment and Screening Test


  1. can someone who applied for last recruitment and his name came out for test and he couldn’t write it due to some problems .is it possible for his name to come out again for this year batch

  2. I have not gotten any sms for the screening and couldn’t log on to the test site. Is Health not ready yet, or am not qualification?

  3. i wrote mine but to check result while choosing the device it is showing result not viewable. why?

  4. I wrote my test two days ago. but after following the steps to check my result ,is telling me dat my result is currently not viewable. pls hop everything is fine with my result?

  5. During my Npower application, the cafe operator interchange my first and middle names respective. I applied for N-agro and have nt received any text. I hope am disqualified?

  6. I applied for n-teach and my surname start with T,when am my to write because i have not gotten any SMS.When N-agro will be done writing?

  7. What Is wrong with the npowre site that so many people can not be sent a text message nor be given their questions to write. Those in charge should please help us.

  8. I applied for N-agro and during the application the cafe’ operator registered my name as Dem Jennifer Cheke instead of Jennifer Cheke. Hope Am safe?

  9. I applied for N-agro and during the applicaton the cafe’ operator registered my name as Dem Jennifer Cheke instead of Jennifer Dem Cheke. Hope am safe?

  10. i apply for N-tax but till now , have not received SMS message and my BVN is match with my account, is anything wrong or i did not qualified

  11. Spark Gist, why are you evading my question? The cafe operator registered my name as Dem Jennifer Cheke instead of Jennifer Dem Cheke. Am very worried bcos of this emphasis on BVN match. Do I stand disqualified? Pls reply

  12. If I go to my bank to edit my BVN name to Jennifer Dem Cheke instead of Dem Jennifer Cheke, will it help? I applied for N-agro. Pls reply

  13. plz l dnt know if this BVN stuff will affect me. the id card i used for it was mistakenly wrote 1980 instead of 1982. but all other records are correct. jst want to know or should i still go there for correction. thanks waiting for your respond

  14. Helo, and tnks for helping us here. I did my assessment on Sunday and wen I was to choose device, only 5 devices were out which I’m not really familiar with it so I decided I to login with a system to know if I would b able to see all d devices at once. But yesterday when I login into d platform for device selection. it wasn’t there again. it reads tablet device not available.. pls m confuse. tnks

  15. I did not receive an SMS but i wrote the test but the device selection read not available hope there is no problem. Pls I need reply

  16. Please have written the test on health and also selected the device type but don’t know how to know if the result is out….pls help.

  17. Pls i finished writting my test since 17 of july for npower tax uptill now i haven’t got any text to inform me about the result and when i log in to my page to where am supposed to select device what i usually see there is Device selection is not available. Don’t really get that. Could u pls help

  18. I apply for n-power tax,i wrote the test but can not access my result. Moreso,during the registration i was wrongly captured as a student while i am already a graduate please what can i do? Guide me please,thanks.

  19. I registered for n-teach since 8th of july 2017, i ve not gotten an sms and the test will commence on August 9th. Again, my bvn bears Agusi Celestina Nchedo but i registered with Agusi Nchedo Celestina pls am i disqualified

  20. Pls I wrote my test since 28th of july (n Agro) but have not receive any SMS as regard my result and I can’t even access any device too. Pls what shd I do?

  21. I registered for N-tax & has written d exam since 25th of July. I hv not seen d result or gotten any SMS as regards the result. is it not out yet. pls reply.

  22. Please i wrote the test on tax but if i check my result what i saw there is device not avalible ,please what does it mean?

  23. What do i do on the physical verification site ,i just followed the verification site u gave ,though i havent gotten any sms regarding to it..

  24. Please I did the test in a cafe and the manager told me that he submitted it but I later decided to use my phone to log in and it was still showing click to write test, in these case what should I do

  25. l login my dashboard but date was not given for my test and have seen the questions to answer. what should l do?

  26. in my preview after writn d txt i saw under finish not
    submittd permittd plz wat does dat not means tnxs

  27. plz i logd in to check my result n i noticed dat under preview i saw finished not n submitted permittd plz wat does dat not means tnxs

  28. l have written my n teach text and have successfully selected the device l want,does that mean l passed,if so,what next)?

  29. I really appreciate your site. It is very informative and educative. Thanks very much. How can one know that he has been selected and the physical verification has started in N-Teach or when can you suggest it will start. God bless you in your hardwork

    • The Physical verification come after the test have been concluded i cannot mention a particular date now but we believe it will be in September. For the selection we will notify you and also N-Power will notify you via SMS. So stay in touch with us by visiting our site regularly for more update

  30. Comment * i av problem with my date of birth and I still recieve mssg to write test … wat should I do … Or I should correct d date Of birth after writn d test ?? help me pls

  31. My bvn validation is ongoing but I’ve written the test and was able to select device……so I don’t understand what I will do next

  32. Comment *pls good day how can I no the immigration date and venues for exams plssssss 08032341176.pls notify me

  33. Thanks for the answer but my BVN showed invalid this evening is it because I have written the test?

  34. I really appreciate ur site with ur work! Pls I have done the N-teach assessment n device selection but I can still see skill verification assessment in my dashboard. Is it must or optional that I do it

  35. I, thank you very much for your concerned. I was able to do the test and selection of device on the same day, is the anything remaining for me to do before the result will be out? please, I need reply through email.

    • If you did the test complete there is nothing to do for now till the pre-selection starts, which we will notify you in due time and also keep checking our site regularly.

  36. please I registered under n-agro. I didn’t get any SMS but I went online and saw a test waiting for me to right. av done that and also selected my device. what’s next because it seems they don’t send sms

  37. Please, I try logging in with my BVN and phone number and the repply I got was BVN Verification ongoing that I should check back later but I check back later and is now saying Invalid BVN. please what should I do

  38. I am grateful unto the FG for her initiation of this Youths Empowerment skill in spite of the challenges especially that of insecurity molesting every state in Nigeria but Rivers State is the worst. I want to beg that evil hands should not be allowed to ruin the targe for this beautiful empowerment skill. Meanwhile,if we should be by taking statistics on unemployment in the whole world we shall see that Nigeria is the number one, comparing its natural resources production. Pls let the board in charge of this skill not choose to make evil their friends,husbands,uncles,nephews and wives and so on. Remain good citizens of Nigeria in everything you’re involved. My best regards to the people of the board in charge and my fellow law abiding citizens of the country. Tnx

  39. Pls how many question are we to answer? i saw eleven questions,n when i click next it submitted. Are there other ones thankyou

  40. please i have been trying to check my result since last week but i cant even find the page to login.. please admin help me out here

  41. Please i have been trying to check my but all to no avil please is there any way you can help me out thank you

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