17 Best Sites For Online Shopping In Nigeria

17 Best Sites For Online Shopping In Nigeria-Are you searching for the best and cheapest online sites for your shopping? Then you are in the right place.  This article will show you the best online shopping sites in Nigeria 

  Online shopping isn’t new any longer in Nigeria, shopping online is easy and also faster, it serves as stress-free and reduces fatigue of going up and down. That is why plenty of people are raising their online stores in order to deliver their buyers better possibilities, others wish to get in on the e-commerce bang.

If you’re here because you want to understand more about the best sites for online shopping sites in Nigeria. Then you’re where you should be.

List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria


Amazon is the largest online shopping site in the world and it ships to Nigeria.

So you can order over 45 million merchandise and have them shipped to your address here in Nigeria.

If you’re looking to purchase a special product online here in Nigeria and no regional online shopping site in Nigeria has the stock. Amazon is one of your best chances for buying that merchandise online.


Jumiahttps://www.jumia.com.ng/ is the largest website for online shopping in Nigeria and even Africa. No E-commerce website in Nigeria receives as many visitors as Jumia.


Both Jumia and Konga were the settler sites for online shopping in Nigeria. While Jumia has gone on to succeed Konga. It is still a massive eCommerce site where you can purchase anything you need in Nigeria.

Konga delivers nationwide. You can also come to be a seller/merchant on Konga. You can also pay on delivery when you buy online on Konga.


Jiji is an online marketplace in Nigeria for buying and peddling recent and used commodities. You can discover almost any item to purchase on the Jiji marketplace. People also auction their assistance on Jiji. Jiji is also one of the vastly toured websites in Nigeria. From home goods to electronics, to maquillage pets, And even things like services can be bought on Jiji too.


Olist is an available online marketplace for buying and peddling anything in Nigeria. Customers can locate the sellers of the items they need that are near to them.

You can roster nearly anything on Olist for deals. People even list Job vacancies on the site.

People love to use Olist because it is an unrestricted and seamless means to shop online in Nigeria.


Alibaba is the same as Amazon and is one of the world’s biggest wholesale shopping websites. You can purchase nearly any commodity or product you can reckon off from Alibaba and have it shipped to Nigeria.

Nevertheless, you must be thorough as there are hoaxes on the site. So when shopping, look to buy from suppliers/sellers that possess the gold tag.


If you’re buying online in Nigeria for print stocks,  then Printivo is your go-to online store. You can develop and print business cards, flyers, mugs, t-shirts, and further online print products from this print shop in Nigeria. Printivo’s rates are accessible and you do Nationwide delivery as nicely as international delivery.


ASOS is a UK e-commerce corporation that auctions Fashion & Beauty products.

The company proposes a tremendous choice of items for both males and females. Other than peddling other denominations they also possess their own in-house items


It is a fast-moving online marketable store for men and women clothing items from regional and international labels. Garmspot performs Nationwide delivery in Nigeria as well as international deliveries too.


The5Kshop is an online commercial fashion store in Nigeria that gives some of the nicest costs for clothing items and accessories.

The 5K shop also possesses its own branded clothing items named t5s. When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria for clothes, the5Kshop is one of the fastest-moving retail brands.


When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria for women’s shoes you have to speak of Shoepify.

From conventional shoes to sneakers to heels and even other women’s accessories like bags and jewelry, Shoepify has a broad span of commodities that any woman attacked on its website will come running back for more.

Babyshop Nigeria

Are you online shopping in Nigeria for infant items? Baby shop Nigeria is an online commercial store for every category of baby stock.

Baby shop Nigeria is one of the largest online marketable stores for bespoke babies in Nigeria. they are certainly worth looking into if you’re in the market for infant items.

 Just fones

Just phones is another online marketable store in Nigeria that peddles electronic gadgets, gaming consoles, laptops at some of the reasonable costs you can discover online in Nigeria. They offer Nationwide delivery.


If you’re online shopping in Nigeria for gadgets then Obiwezy is another nice online store for that too. Peddle used and recent gadgets that comprise phones, laptops, and accessories.


Where you can purchase used cars from marketplaces like Jiji and Olist. Cars45 is an extra-pointed platform for a car online shopping in Nigeria. It is one of the most credible sites for buying and selling cars online in Nigeria. You can guess Cars45 as an automotive trading platform in Nigeria.


Autochek is Cars45’s biggest opponent. You can purchase and peddle recent and used cars on this platform. It is a well-trusted site for a car online shopping in Nigeria that includes been wielded by a ton of people.


Wish is a US-based online marketplace for shopping and buying. Buyers using Wish can purchase items from third-party sellers.

As a buyer on the Wish app or website, you’ll earn a personalized feed founded on your browsing and buying behavior. Many of the shopping sections on Wish are beauty & fashion, electronics, gadgets.

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